Google Doodle Celebrates 138th Birthday of Howard Carter

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Today Google is celebrating 138th Birthday of Famous English archaeologist and Egyptologist, Howard Carter by replacing its traditional Google logo with an interactive homepage doodle in the memory of the great personality. A mouse-over over the Doodle  reveals that it is meant to celebrate Howard‘s 138th Birthday and on clicking will lead to a search page searching for the name of this great personality.

Howard Carter Google doodle

Above Google Doodle is designed like Howard Carter was standing looking at objects such as mummies, jars, boxes, ancient ceramics, etc.

Know more about Howard Carter

Howard Carter born in London on 9th May 1874  and he was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist, noted as a primary discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

On November 4th, 1922, Carter and his team found the steps leading to Tutankhamun’s tomb. According to Wikipedia, Tutankhamun’s tomb is, by far, “the best preserved and most intact” pharaonic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. He, together with his financer, Lord Carnarvon and Carnarvon’s daughter, and the rest of the team-members who discovered the tomb, entered the tomb on November 26th and discovered that treasures, and the pharaoh’s tomb, were still in place.

Howard Carter died on March 2nd, 1939 in Kensington, London at the age of 64, after suffering from lymphoma Cancer which is related to the immune system.

Tricks Machine along with its readers wishes Howard Carter on his 138th Birthday.


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