5 Best iPhone Apps of 2012 So Far

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The iPhone apps in the Apple App store is constantly growing and making it difficult to decide which applications are going to be best suited for your phone. These apps can be used for a number of different things. From sticking to a new years resolution or remaining organized for work, apps are becoming more and more integrated into daily life.

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Although there are millions of apps to choose from, here are few of the best applications of 2012 so far.

1. Lose It!

For those that are sticking to their new years resolution and are still trying to lose a few pounds, the Lose It! app helps to track food intake and provides the data that tells the user which foods affect daily caloric intake the most. Keeping diet in mind, Lose It! also spits out exercises that will minimize the calories while also providing recipes for a more healthy diet. Badges are utilized as a motivating factor for the individual while tracking progress as well. Lose It! is an awesome application that helps the user lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

2. Flipboard

Another great app of 2012 is Flipboard. This is a digital magazine that personalizes what is presented based on the likes and dislikes of the individual. Content is gathered from social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter to create a personalized magazine for the user. The outer rim of the application is filled with content based on browsing history. This application is great for content viewing as well as sharing with others.

3. Mint

Budgeting is something everyone swears to at the start of the New Year. Mint, a budgeting application, allows the user to input personal information including bank accounts and credit cards in order to track spending. Using this information, Mint creates a budget for the user and also reminds the user when bills are due. Mint is a safe and simple way to keep track of personal finances and remain under budget.

4. Evernote

Everyone needs a little reminder every once in a while. Evernote for the iPhone lets the user create new notes of tasks that need to be completed while also storing important documents or files for safekeeping. Notes can be created in text, audio, or photographic form and can also be sync’d with other devices. Evernote is a great application for those that need a nudge to get things finished.

5. Lookout Mobile Security

Mobile security is something that is often overlooked. With Lookout Mobile Security, iPhone users can find their phone, back up contacts and manage settings so the phone won’t connect to an unsecure wireless network. The app is also responsible for detecting if the phone is jailbroken or is not updated with the latest operating system. Lookout Mobile Security is a must-have application for those worried about phone security.

There are over a million iPhone apps to choose from. New applications are being added to the Apple app store every day. With all of these applications being added, it is difficult to determine which applications are best. It would be impossible to sift through all of the applications, especially with all of the quality products that available. Although this is not an all-inclusive list of applications, these are some of the best iPhone apps for those just getting a new iPhone or for those that are looking to upgrade their iPhone to increase its performance.


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