7 Myths About Quad Core Phones

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Quad Core phones are generally those that possess four independent processing units that are able to individually detect and perform instructions. In having this type of internal processors, the functions of the mobile unit are enhanced.

But over the course of time, numerous statements regarding Quad Core smartphone have been publicized. While some remain to be a fact, others have been recognized to be myths that only cause confusion to consumers.

1. First myth is that having numerous chips always performs better. This is indeed a myth. Many experts have claimed that quad core phones do not always guarantee a much better performance compared to dual or single core processors. Yes, quad core phones may enhance the functions of the quad core phone due to the distribution of tasks but it does not guarantee the most efficient function at all times.

2. Myth number two is that double chips double the performance level. This is definitely a no, no. the processors may be doubled but the rest of the operating system remains to be single and functioning at their own paces. So still, the entire system has to adjust to the capabilities of the rest of the system and not just to the quad core processing unit per se.

3. Third myth is that all cores support all apps and systems. Studies have shown that despite the advancement quad core phones provide, there are still several applications that require more than what quad core processors can provide such as online chat, entering chat room and other multimedia applications.

4. Fourth on the list is the myth that multiple cores save more battery life. This is definitely a myth because no multi-functioning system can efficiently function without using up a certain amount of power. And with four processors functioning at the same time, there’s no reason why batteries don’t get used up.

Quad Core Smartphones

5. The fifth myth is that the core processing unit stands by itself. This cannot be since support systems must be available to ensure optimal functioning of the entire unit.

6. Sixth on the list is the myth that operating systems cannot be ignored. Definitely not true. Operating systems have their own function, thereby must be individually evaluated.

7. Last myth is that benchmarks don’t lie. This is obviously a myth because benchmarks are also opinions only that they are coming from the experts, who have adequate knowledge of the subject on hand.

So don’t be deceived by these myths and see for yourself what Quad Core phones can actually offer.


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