5 Ways to Advertise Your Product in a Blog Post

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Where is the best place to Advertise your product in your blog? Well, you can promote your product in your blog sidebar, or you can place a banner above the fold. But, there is a better place for you to promote your product. It’s in your blog post. Here are 5 ways to advertise your product in a blog post:

1. Advertise your product in the end of your post

The best place to promote your product is at the end of your post. That’s because you will not clutter your content with advertisement, which will lower the value of your content.

You have to give the best content to your readers, and you can only advertise your product if you’ve satisfied your readers with valuable content. Remember that it will help you to increase your conversion rate.

2. Use P.S. for Advertise

Using P.S. is a great way to “hide” your promotion. At the end of your blog post, instead of giving blatant promotion about your product, you can use P.S. to imply that it is still a part of your content.

Your readers will gladly visit your affiliate link or product page if you use P.S, especially if you have a great product to offer. This method is not only effective for the sales page, but it is also effective for promoting product on your blog post as well.

3. Refer to the product in the middle of your post

If you want to refer to the product in the middle of your post, not at the end of your post, here is a good method that you can use. You can say something like this: “I always use Market Samurai to find good profitable keywords for my website.” Please note that you’re not going to blatantly promote your product in the middle of your post.

You just let your readers know that you’re using that particular product to make your keyword research easier. Promoting product blatantly in the middle of your post will only degrade the value of your blog post.

4. Use contextual link without recommending the product

Another method to promote your product in the middle of your post is by using contextual link. You will link to the product page whenever there is relevant anchor text in your blog post. However, you will tend to clutter your blog post with spammy links if you use this method. So, you have to use a clear rule for this method. You will not link to your product page more than once.

5. Write a review about the product

If you want to promote your product more clearly, you can write a review about the product. This method is more effective because it doesn’t seem as blatant promotion.

However, make sure that you write objective review that will help your readers to make their buying decision, not forcing them to buy the product. Your job is to give them information related to the product, and you will let them choose whether they will purchase the product or not.

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Those are 5 ways to advertise your product in a blog post. If you know the correct ways to promote your product in a blog post, you will have more conversion because your promotion will appear in each of your post, which means you’ll get more traffic coming to your product page.


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