Coolest Gaming Gadgets: Past and Present

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Coolest Gaming Gadgets, here is the big list! We use our phones not only for receiving calls, but for playing games, too. The modern mobile market offers us a huge number of really cool smartphones with powerful processors, good amount of RAM and great displays – even really cool games with advanced 3D graphics run on them without any problem. Even the modern feature phones are fast, well-designed and armed with bright and nice screens, and there are so many great games for them, too.

But do you remember how it all started? Do you remember the first gaming gadgets designed for playing games?

Do you remember the good-old Brick Game? Those old black-and-white brick puzzles and race games are the first entertainment I can remember – I used to play them when I was a child. Those games seemed to be interesting and exciting even despite the small screen and the huge pixels.

Then the 8-bit video game console Nintendo Entertainment System was released with a number of cool arcade games and won the hearts of many gamers all over the world. Most of us forgot about the Brick Game and started playing more advanced and good-looking arcade games.

SEGA wasn’t a big sensation after Nintendo, but still it offered a number of nice games (do you remember Sonic The Hedgehog?) and a huge amount of positive emotions (not to mention the hours killed playing). I’m sure many of us did our best to get some of the SEGA games – they seemed to be so attractive!

Then Sony PlayStation came – millions of those gaming gadgets were sold worldwide, and we all played the games they offered. Do you remember Final Fantasy, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal and others? It was a real revolution in the world of gaming – nobody wanted to play those old simple games any more, everyone wanted Sony’s super games.

Than the gaming gadgets started becoming smaller again – games came to the first phones with displays showing 256 colors. Those were really simple games, but we no doubt enjoyed them since we could carry our phones everywhere with us, and it was nice.

The first Apple iPhone, along with a number of other smartphones with big and bright touchscreens offered more advanced games with cooler graphics. Of course, not everyone could afford them back then, but we all wanted to play games on smartphones instead of the old devices we used to love in past.

As the technologies evolved, we got more and more powerful smartphones, and developers started to design 3D games especially for them.

And then Sony Ericsson came and made a device especially for gaming – the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play with a special joypad and everything a gamer could ever need.

Perhaps even cooler gaming phones will come to us in future, so let’s try not to miss them!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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