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Essential Android Apps for your android smartphone. Android is one of the leading mobile operating system. Currently it has millions of apps, some of them are free some of them are paid. If you just enter the Android mobile world you may confuse which apps should I install, because if there are lots of applications in the market. So this post I added essential apps for your new phone.

All Essential Android Apps definitely useful for your regular word. I added many security applications but use only one, because of they may slow down your system as well as it eats your battery life. Also I will share some Android Business Apps and Email Apps for Android in the next article. Stay tuned!

Top 10 Essential Android Apps

1. Lookout

Lookout is one of the leading mobile security applications and lead the top 10 list of Essential Android Apps. There are two types of versions. Free and paid. The free version has following features.

  • Detect and delete mobile virus, spyware, Trojan, and other known and unknown threats.
  • Automatically scan new apps after they downloaded on the android market.
  • Backup and restore all your phone contacts and call logs on their server. User can anytime restore and view the backup in account.
  • Track Missing devices, after your phone lost or stolen you can track its location using Google map and activate a loud alarm to detect its location.

Most significant this is lookout use minimum system resources and battery power. So it never slowdown your phone.

2. Norton mobile utilities and task killer

This is an all in one utility in the Android market. We can use this free tool for improving Ram and Rom memory track the number of call minutes, SMS and data.

  • App manager can kill unwanted apps Move apps to SD card and backup them.
  • Usage manager display and track total phone call, SMS, data usage and you can optimize your monthly phone bill effectively.
  • Devise manager report provide full system details including battery usage and temperature, CPU speed, Ram memory usage, Network speed and internal and external storage details.
  • Display Android version, hardware details, networks, and much more.
  • Indicator- After your battery level reaches to a specific level it can automatically switch “Power Saver” mode and also indicate battery level.

3.  Memory booster

It can optimize your phone Ram memory by killing unwanted running apps and process automatically and also manually. In addition to that it displays available, free and used memory. As we know most of the android apps are run automatically and there is no proper way to close apps. So this kind of free tool better for close unwanted apps. If you have more running process it drains your battery life rapidly. One of  the best Essential Android Apps.

4. Smart app protector

This free tool can lock selected apps using a password or draw a pattern. If your friends and children’s use your smartphone they can change its settings, read emails and SMS, uninstall apps. So if you use this application it gives better protection.

5. Battery Booster

Battery booster can display the correct status of your battery. It can display your android phone battery current capacity, health, temperature, voltage, technology and charging status. Apart from that it alerts, when your phone battery lower or fully charge. In addition, when your battery level is low, the battery booster app can automatically enable and disable WiFi, Bluetooth connections.

6. Widgetsoid

Widgetsoid can create Android system setting shortcuts to your home screen. So it makes quickly enable and disable those settings. Currently it has more than 20 different type settings widgets. And also user can create add widgets in the notification bar. So while you run up you can quickly enable and disable certain setting using the notification bar widget.

7. Any.Do.

This application can capture, display and sync the task that you should do. It can capture task using by voice command, tasks on the go, typing on the go. For example if you receive miscall Any. Do. Automatically detect it as a future task and notify you. This tool use syncs those things with Google task. Moreover it has white and black color themes.

8. Catch Notes

You can write simple and short notes as reminders or for the future uses. Currently it supports text, camera, and gallery and voice notes. In addition to that user can sync those notes with your catchy account. So you can access them any time anywhere in the world.

9. Google Goggles

Google goggles make your smart phone camera more smarter. Some extend It’s an image search engine as well as it can read barcodes and QR. This application has following features Recognize landmarks, translate text to picture, can add business card contacts details to your phone book, Scan text (OCR), recognize popular objectives. My favorite app from the list of Essential Android Apps.

10. Titanium Backup Android

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.  You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card.

I hope all above Essential Android Apps are useful for you which works as Android Apps Guide. If you know some more Essential Android Apps which you think deserves in the above list then share them with us via comments below.


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