Official Facebook Messenger for Windows Now Available for Download

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Facebook, the most popular social network finally followed in the footsteps of Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger to offer a full chat service which utilizes the social feed and friends from your Facebook account.

It is a good way to access the Facebook messaging system, probably the most robust of any other social network , without necessarily being on Facebook. That is, separate communication tool, the rest of the social network. This is really the best thing about the Facebook messenger for Windows which allow users access to the real time aspects of the website without the need to have the browser open and have the distraction of all of the features.

The only bad thing is that it does not offer the same flexibility that the mobile version, no apparent support group chat, hopefully, they will incorporate the future because it is much more convenient than WhatsApp or similar. It allows you to dock it to the right side of your computer screen so when you want to log out from Facebook Messenger for Windows, you just need to open the system tray and there you can log out easily.

The application is available only for Windows 7 (no versions for other platforms) and can be downloaded from the following provided link, Let us know what you guys think about this newly released Facebook Messenger for windows.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows 7


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