Keyword Basics for Beginners (SEO)

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Keyword defined : The text people type into search engines to find what it is they’re looking for. Keywords: The text businesses use on their webpage so people can find their sight and local business via search engines. Keywords: Text of great importance when trying to find and trying to be found for a local business.

Keywords are very important for local businesses.

Keywords Analysis are important for local businesses and are used by people every day online. When people are trying to search for something they are looking for, whether it’s for learning, shopping, researching, or other purposes, they types keywords into search engine sights, such as Google, Yahoo, or YouTube. Search engines then use keywords from various web pages to display relevant results for users based on algorithms that pull from the thousands of websites online.

Thus, you should strongly consider what people are typing when searching for the products or services you offer and then incorporate them into your online marketing strategy so your local business webpage can be found by the search engines, and thus by users! You can also use Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and can try Try Less Specific Key Words.

You’re likely already using keywords (even if you didn’t know how important they are!).

You may be a business who already knew the importance of keyword search and Keyword Tool when creating your webpage, but if not, then consider learning more about them, because they will make or break your online business success. It’s also important to note that even though you may not have known how important keywords are; you are still most likely using them throughout your local business webpage by default. This is because you’ve already incorporated text and content that’s relevant to your business and industry, and at least a few of those words are what people will likely use to find a business online within search engines. Keywords can be used within headers or page titles, inbound links, on page text, among other areas on your local business page.

A little more advanced info about keywords

According to Jeff Quip of Search Engine People Inc., who mentioned this in a HubSpot eBook ‘LEARNING SEO FROM THE EXPERTS: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE,’ “It is important to understand what aspects of keywords make them important to your business. The different variables or characteristics of a keyword help determine whether the keywords are worth consideration in your SEO strategy. Only if keywords pass the primary selection tests can they be subjected to the prioritization variable tests.”  Quip says that the considerations for primary keyword selection are:

  • Ensuring keyword terms/phrases have sufficient search volumes.
  • Ensuring the chosen keyword terms are relevant.
  • Assessing levels of relative competition.

According to Quip, this means that if a search term doesn’t satisfy the criterion of sufficient volume, then it is removed from the list. Likewise, if it does not satisfy the relevancy criterion, it should not be considered. It’s important to understand some of the basics about keywords, and then you can move on to the more advanced info to have a more significant online impact. Once you get the basics down, you’ll begin to understand and learn more about keywords, such as how to prioritize keywords, what you should include within keywords, what terms or phrases are or aren’t relevant within keywords, and so on.

And because keywords are so important, if it gets to be a bit overwhelming for you to do it on your own, hiring a professional who specializes in online marketing could be the right, and a wise, decision for your local business.


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