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dt1Hi Friends, Just to let you know, is now open for registration. Desitorrents( DT) is one of the best desi torrents sites.There is nothing other than desi stuf. It has all the best collection of audio,video,movies..and much more. Due to its heavy traffic its registration is closed closed long back. But today i visit the website and saw that they are open for Registrations. So grab the Desitorrents accounts as soon as possible.

DesiTorrents is a torrent website and it contains only indian torrents including non copyrighted hindi movies or content. Well if this is what you have been searching for then this is the right page for you !


Note : DOWNLOADING COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS ILLEGAL. So check the legality of the torrent files before going ahead!

Link :

Register @ DesiTorrents!

Please do leave your valuable comments and if you happen to know anyother torrent site open for registration please do post them in Comment System!


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34 Responses to “DesiTorrents Registrations are Open!”

  1. Sri says:

    Thank you very much for information.

  2. Admin says:

    Most welcome dude 🙂

  3. Sri says:

    Thank for you information and support. I am not able to go registration screen in DestTorrents. Please instruct me to do the same.

  4. vazime says:

    how to registration desi torrents

  5. Yuvraj says:

    Its asking for payment! what to do?

  6. satyaveer says:

    plz my register

  7. mg0154_ji says:

    plz regiestion help me

  8. hsaieed says:

    i need ur invitation plz with out anyone support i cant go or register so help me

  9. hsaieed says:

    want to register but dont knw why it show error

  10. hsaieed says:

    yar plz koi to invitation send karay yar i have befor but it not working yar so kindly yar invitation to koi send kar day hope koi to acha insan ho ga

  11. hsaieed says:

    yar koi to acha insan ho gay jo invitation end karay ga actually i have be4 but its not working knw so hope koi to sned karay ga

  12. hsaieed says:

    yar koi to acha insan ho gay jo invitation send karay ga actually i have be4 but its not working knw so hope koi to sned karay ga

  13. gunwinder says:

    send me invitation for desitorrents please

  14. jtiu says:

    plz send me adesitorrents invitation

  15. raza says:

    need a desitorrents account…..
    i have many site accoutn…..if any bdy xchge it……
    my mail id is .

  16. Siva says:

    hi all,

    i need a desitorrents account.  please send it to my id

  17. rajib saha says:

         i want to open a desitorrent accont.
                                             thanking u.

  18. rajib saha says:

    i need a desitorrents account.  please send it to my id

  19. sad says:

    Plz Plz send me an invite for desitorrent…..I live in the part of the world where I can’t rent DVD’s so plz someone send an invite………..:)

  20. sugney kathrotia says:

    Hey Buddy… Happy Nw year to ALL….
    Can NYone pls send me request of exdesi ……….
    BYE…….Thanx in Advance…………

  21. Rajesh says:

    Can NYone pls send me request of desitorrents account , please send it to my id

  22. riyadhmd says:

         i want to open a desitorrent accont.
                                             thanking u.

  23. Himanshu says:

    may anyone pliz send me the invitation for

  24. pawan says:

    please send me a invitation to register on desi torrents at

  25. Diwash says:

    Can you please send me invitation for desitorrents site. my email  Thank you sir.

  26. badal_2009 says:

    plz send me an invite for desitorrent

  27. badal_2009 says:


  28. nandakishore.p says:

    plz tell me free account of desitorrents right now

  29. lendi says:

    i have registered on desitorrents, but m not able to download any thing form it.
    it shows to me ” you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.                                                                                            

    what should i do, plz reply me to my mail.

  30. syed says:


      Could you please send me a request or link to open a account in Exdesi and Desitorrent ASAP. i will be glad if someone can do it……….thanks 🙂 😀

  31. Abdul Muzeeb Shaik says:

    Hello Every bdy,

    While i am making registration in i am receiving an error MSG’ as : You have left a required field blank.

    Will some 1 help me in this i am unable to register …

    Abudl MUjeeb Shailk

  32. rajesh says:

    i want to join desi torrent pl any one send me request @ thanks

  33. Alex says:

    I cannot register too (You have required field blank). Does anybody answer these messages? Is the forum alive?

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