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We at Tricks Machine always bring new Giveaways every now and then, we are back again with one more great giveaway. We are going to raffle 3 Premium Highspeed Accounts each for free to the Tricks Machine readers. This lottery is sponsored by the Usenet-provider is the only provider that combines the 8 most powerful server farms in one single access. This leads to more files, better download speed and maximum stability.

What is Usenet :

Usenet was developed in 1979 by 2 graduate students looking for a new way to communicate digitally. That makes Usenet older than the World Wide Web and even older than the Internet! Usenet is a worldwide network of commercial-grade servers where members post and download files and messages to more than 100,000 themed discussion groups called “newsgroups”. Usenet is powered by commercial news servers connected through multi-gigabit Internet connections letting you to download as fast as your Internet connection will allow. Today you access the Usenet via the Internet.

About :

Usenet is one of the most popular places for the exchange of information and files. Their free newsreader software makes downloading easier than ever, search and download with only one click. Safe, fast and reliable. Everybody can test for free on their website. Simply download more than 300 GB for free with the testaccount. But the prepaid Highspeed Accounts you can win here, have multiple advantages over the ones everybody can get for free.

They can be used time-independent while the standard test-account can only be tested for two weeks. If you sign up for the free 300 GB test-account you can only download 5 GB high-speed. The remaining 295 GB can only be downloaded with a cap 2000 kbit/s. The third pro is that you will be able to test the 120 GB accounts without providing any personal information. is the powerful tool that allows lightning-fast access to over 80,000 Usenet discussion boards – and with the direct access to the high-speed Usenet download servers, you will have no problem to access the brilliant binary newsgroups too.

How you can participate in this Giveaway?

  1. LIKE Tricks Machine on Facebook.

  2. Tweet about this contest on twitter.

  3. Comment with a valid email address. so, we can send you the Highspeed Accounts through mail.

Deadline :

This giveaway will end on 30th January 2012 and the winners will be announced on 31st Jan 2012. You can make your space before the date. That’s all. 3 lucky winners will be announced soon. All the winners will be selected using And 3 winners will get Premium Highspeed Accounts for free.


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