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What is the next step after you have set up a new business for yourself? It’s definitely advertising. When we talk about advertising, it does not necessarily mean advertising on TV which is likely to cost you a considerable sum of money before even you have earned that much. Effective advertising is something that builds trust and nowadays people hardly trust TV advertisements.

When you are confident of the product or service you are selling, you need to pass on the same confidence to your customers. There are a number of ways to advertise but we will discuss the ones which are the most cost effective.

1. Make your company’s own website

Effective advertising needs an effective two way communication. What can be a better way to communicate than the World Wide Web? When the word is spread and people learn about your product or service, there is a great chance that they will turn towards the web to check your company’s credibility. A well organized website with all the required information and an attractive interface is what you need.

2. Business cards

There is nothing more effective than the word of mouth. This is the first step to widen the prospects of your business. Distributing business cards can fetch you potential customers sooner than you expect.

3. Register on local search engines

The next step after making a website is to register your company with the local search engines. Register yourself with Google local, verify your information and get your company listed in Google map and local listings. Also register your company with yahoo local and which has a strong influence on the web.

4. Publicize through newspapers and web

Releasing timely press releases stating the specialty of your product or service can attract potential customers especially the people who are active on the web. Once you get your first group of loyal customers, it will be comparatively easier from there.

5. Built a network

It’s an open ended statement when we say “Build a network”. It’s not easy to have a wide circle but there are ways to achieve it. Join groups like civic associations, Rotary club, Chamber of Commerce and more to influence people and build new associates. You can never be satisfied with the customers you have. Do not expect your business to flourish with time. Without constant efforts the only thing that increases rapidly is competition.

6. Use your two way communication

Through your local listings on the web and your own websites, ask your first customers to give their feedback. Make a small feedback form and flaunt the best reviews on the web. Sell your product through eBay, it generates great traffic.

7. Social networking

The web is a superb way to improve your connections. Join LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other social networking websites. Along with your own profile, create a page of your company and socialize just like a teenager.

The tough part is to get hold of the first loyal customers. Including the tips and tricks what works for sure is 100% hard work. Advertise effectively and trust what you sell. Never be afraid to knock doors.


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