Earn from Mobile SMS : A New Way to Earn in India

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With subscriber growth continue to reach on its high, India has become one of the biggest country in terms of mobile subscribers. By November 2011, India will have more then 900 millions subscribers and there lies the biggest advertising opportunity for the advertisers who need the quick consumer attention. By getting the power to reach directly in their inbox, mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular in India.

But due to strict SMS spam policy and services like DND (do not disturb), advertisers are finding this difficult to send their message to the consumers. And that is why many of the companies in India are coming with a unique idea where a person can opt-in to receive the message and earn some money from this. This way, advertisers can send you their ads and usually some lucrative offer through SMS and you can earn from mobile by receiving their message.

Where & how to join?

There are many sites like mGinger, YouMint, 1RupeeSMS and many others where you can register free and make money by sending and receiving SMS. This is the perfect opportunity for the part time jobs seeker as they can add some extra bucks in their earnings even without giving extra time. Many of the people use this as a way to get freedom for expenses for recharging their mobile. Not only you earn from receiving SMS but you also get many attractive offers through SMS and you can get many things at a discounted price.

How to increase earnings?

You will not make good earnings from these sites just by receiving the SMS as you will not get more then 10 SMS per day from any of the site. If you earn 0.25 INR for receiving 1 SMS then you will earn only INR 2.5 a day from one site and that is just peanuts. To make more money from these sites, you need to refer more and more people to join these websites. Some of the websites pay you fix money for every referral and some websites pay you lifetime a fraction of what your referral earnings. So imagine, if you refer hundreds of people and you will get some part of their earnings. You can refer your friends & relatives directly from the site’s dashboard through email, social media or even by sending free SMS.

Things to consider before joining

When you register on such websites, you can mention the convenient time when you want to receive the message, you can specify which types of offer you want in your ads and even you can specify how many ads you want to receive daily. If you have more then 1 mobile in your family, you can create more account in your family members’ name. There are many people, who are earning anywhere from $20 to $100 from each of such websites who offer to earn from SMS. So if you are from India, looking for some little extra income without giving even more then 10-15 minutes a days, then considering this idea is one of the best options for you.


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