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If you are looking for better team online collaboration tool to keep your employees connected then TeamWox is the best solution for you. The TeamWox Groupware is specially designed for the optimization of management and production process in a company. Using it, you can organize management production inside a company, make them more transparent, quicken decision making based on full and authentic information.

Besides, all the information about your clients and history of the cooperation with them, various documents, tasks and discussions are stored in TeamWox. Now all this information is concentrated in one place and available to you from any point of the world.

In total, the system includes 11 modules that can be used to automate various aspects of company management and staff including; HR Department, Tasks, Documents Management, E-Mails, Organizations & Contacts , Board ,Search , Reports ,Online Assistant ,Service Desk and Accounting and e-Bank.

If you look in detail at all of the above modules, we can see that they actually cover all aspects of the company’s management, personnel and corporate information. And so the introduction of TeamWox can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of business processes, leading to a marked increase in the competitiveness of the company.

With TeamWox Groupware, you and your staff can do more within the same period of time. This ensures growth in the productivity of each individual employee and of the company as a whole, while the costs of performing various operations are reduced.

TeamWox Features

1. Reach transparency in solving production problems.
2. Efficient Work with Documents and Access from Anywhere in the World.
3. Consistent Customer Relationship Policy
4. You can promptly inform the whole staff about the latest developments, successes and failures of your company.
5. Cost Cutting and Gain in Productivity.
6. And many more..!

It allows you to get quick access to production data from anywhere in the world. With the help of a common information space, you can optimize and make more transparent business processes, accelerate management decision-making and eliminate problems that used to be regarded as a necessary.

You can visit the Teamwox official tutorial section to know how the system really works. In this section you can go  through the various presentations, movies, and articles about TeamWox. Also you can try and install the free version of the software. As Teamwox team provides small business version of the TeamWox system to be installed and used in your company absolutely free of charge. But the number of users should not exceed 10 in the limited version.

So I can say that TeamWox increases the efficiency of all employees and their productivity and reduces costs across the enterprise. Check out the TeamWox Collaboration Software in operation and have the chance to evaluate it yourself by visiting to the demo server.


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