3 Best Android Apps To Improve Battery Life

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Battery is the power house of a phone and as the number of features in a phone increase so as the battery consumption. Smart phones tend to lose battery at greater pace as compared to a normal mobile phone because of the number of applications and features it has.

So in order to make your smart phone’s battery run for a longer period you need to turn off some features. But now some Android Apps available on the Android Market can take care of it.

If you really care for you smart phone. Try these android apps.

1. Juice Defender

You should try the smart app JuiceDefender which is developed to boost the performance of battery and improve battery backup of the phone. It automatically manages battery consumption with most battery draining components like 3G/4G connectivity and Wi-Fi. It runs in fully automated manner to get the best performance out of your smart phone.


It also has a customizable user interface. User can set his/her priorities which run itself after configuration. the interface of the app, gives five preset profiles : Balanced, Aggressive, Extreme, Customize and Advanced. But in the free version of the app, you can choose only two profiles, either Balanced or Aggressive.

The other profiles are only accessible for Plus and Ultimate versions of the app. After selecting a desired profile for your smart phone, leave the rest on JuiceDefender. It will manage all the things keeping the power consumption under control. For Example, it will never allow you to connect to a Wi-Fi network on low battery.

It manages a log which tells you which applications is the main culprit in your smart phone. This application is available on Android Market for free with two paid versions.

2. 2x Battery

Battery Saver: This is also a nice app to boost your battery life. This app saves the power consumption and reduces your data plan expense by periodically toggling Mobile data in standby mode.

Developers of the app suggestes not to install this app on SD cards and If you have task killer app installed, please add this app to task killer’s ignore list.

3. Battery Booster

It is a powerful battery booster app but available only for honeycomb (android 3.x) tablets. Based on your smart phone configuration, it tries to give you best performance.


It also provide you accurate information of your battery charge which includes an auto-updating live chart which helps you visually track your battery usage, real-time battery capacity, temperature, voltage, etc.

I hope all above android apps will help you to save more battery on your android phone.


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