4 Powerful iPad Apps for Business

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More than ever, the iPad is becoming the computer of tomorrow. While thousands of apps allow us to organize and perform daily tasks, the iPad now has powerful online office tools. A supped-up business center for today’s worker bee, the iPad will also allow for the wireless connection of all your documents with the introduction of iCloud this fall. Today, we will be reviewing the top 4 business apps on the market that will separate you from the rest of the boardroom.

4 Powerful iPad Apps for Business

1. iWork

The popular office suite for Apple has hit the app store! iWork, which includes PagesNumbers, and Keynote, , is the Apple version of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively. This app allows for the creation, editing, and emailing of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

iPad Apps for Business

The app provides the same interface, work space, and editing capabilities as your iMac, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro. This app also differs from its PC equivalent, as you aren’t required to purchase the full iWork suite. Each program is just $9.99 each, which is $10 less than purchasing the individual programs for your Mac. Make your office mobile in a whole new way with iWork.

2. Dragon Dictation

With this free app, you hold the power of your iPad in your voice. Dragon Dictation is a voice-recognition application that allows you to control your iPad with up to 14 different languages including English, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Up to 5x faster than traditional typing, Dragon Dictation allows you to bring up and respond to text messages and emails on your iPad.

Yes recent DMV patrons, that means you can now respond to texts and emails on the road. The app even goes further, giving you the capability to update your Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as leave notes for yourself on respective applications. Dragon Dictation has introduced us to a whole new way of commanding our iPad.

3. Square

Business are collecting cash and saving it at the same time with a new app called Square. Square, along with its complimentary card reader, allows users to accept Visa, American Express, Master, and Discover credit cards on the go. Transactions are directly deposited into your specified account and available the next day.

Providing the functionality of a pricey POS register, Square also records sales, collects tips, and sends receipts by both email and text for each transaction. The app is free and ready for use after you sign up for your account, so go ahead and bring your business on the go with Square.

4. Vagaro Pro for iPad

Managing a multiple schedules? Looking to access your customers directly? Want a personal secretary that works for just $25 a month? Vagaro Pro is the answer! This amazing development by Vagaro LLC allows you to create, cancel, and change appointments and schedules wirelessly across your office space.

Vagaro also allows you to leave notes about your appointments, send SMS text reminders, and even email your clients. As if managing your schedule wasn’t enough, Vagaro helps to grow your business by providing you your own webpage on which you can accept online appointments and review customer reports. Whether you run a beauty salon or a busy corporation, Vagaro will maintain your hectic lifestyle, and its always one time.

Do you know more iPad Apps for Business, if yes then you can share with us via comments.


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