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Today I logged into website and came to know that is now opening free registration for the one week to all users. Desitorrents( DT) is one of the best desi torrents site.There is nothing other than desi stuff. It has all the best collection of audio,video,movies and much more. Desitorrent is one of the best available torrent website for movies released in the Indian Subcontinent. It has many categories for Indian, Pakistani and other regional movies, mp3 etc.

Desitorrents Open For All :

Due to its heavy traffic its registration are always closed closed. But today I visited the website and saw that they are open for Registrations.

Check out the following announcement by Desitorrent Team;

DT is proud to announce that we will have FREE Open registration for ONE Week ( Oct 6, 2011 to Oct 12, 2011 ). This is a very limited time offer. Users will get full Access to site with access to download. However if the user is found to have created an account with no or less activity: posts or download/upload, the account will be deleted after a month. The required activity will be at the discretion of the Staff. After a period of 6 months all the newly registered users will be given full accounts without any limitations on activity.

Our Current Users base who’s not yet full members ( in Preview mode ) of DT will also get a chance to Join DT. Just come and visit us on between Thursday Oct. 6th to Oct 12 to activate your membership. A small ratio free period will follow because of the support of our community in meeting our donation goals for September. Please do not create duplicate account as it will result in ban of your dupe & original account. Keep remember that after one week you will not get any chance to register on DT for one more year. So guys, grab the Desitorrents accounts as soon as possible.

Note : DOWNLOADING COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS ILLEGAL. So check the legality of the torrent files on Desitorrent before going ahead!

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