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While the internet has provided us with one of the most innovative and useful tools to ever exist, it has also invited endless distraction. There is no aspect of the internet that displays these two opposing ideas more clearly than Google does. In many ways, were the internet a kingdom or country, Google would be its ruler. Google provides ingenious solutions for searching the internet, viewing the internet, using email, social networking, and so much more.

However, as we can all attest to, Google has also provided us with seemingly endless opportunities to waste our time and get through out internet use in the least productive way possible. Among other things, Google features a new “Google” logo at least once a week and oftentimes more.

These doodles vary from being merely intricate and interesting pictures featuring the Google trademark to becoming interactive experiences exploring the depths of the ocean or learning to play a new instrument with the aid of the Google logo. Without considering Facebook and Angry Birds, these three Google Doodles are among the most distracting features on the internet.

1. My Favt. Google Doodle- Particle Logo:

This Google Doodle was featured worldwide on September 2, 2010. Typically, Google will feature a new Google Doodle that is dedicated to some special event or holiday for that specific day and will then discuss that event in great length. However, on this day, Google did not explain why the logo had changed or what the logo meant.

Of course, this made the logo all the more alluring. Featuring colorful balls (or particles) to make up the word “Google”, the logo would move when your cursor came into contact with it. The movement and jumping of these balls is rhythmic and endlessly entertaining. The interaction between your cursor and the balls is highly addictive and extremely distracting.

2. Les Paul Logo

Featured on June 9th 2010, this Google Doodle celebrates the 96th birthday of Les Paul. Displaying an interactive electric guitar doodle as the logo, the world spent hours composing, practicing, and publishing their own songs from the doodle.

As one of the few Google Doodles that is interactive, users can strum the guitar with their cursor or with the keypad and then record their tune by hitting the red record button. In the United States, Google allowed users to record their strumming for up to thirty seconds and then provided them with a URL of their recording. This Doodle was extremely entertaining and wildly distracting.

3. Pac-Man Logo

Featured on May 21st 2010, Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac Man with an interactive logo that was the fully working game itself. This logo was the first Google displayed that was entirely interactive with the user. With all of the traditional elements—Pac Man, ghosts, dots, and fruit—this logo was a huge success worldwide.

Google users became immersed in all of the classic arcade game sounds and colors and played Pac Man for hours. Because the game logo was so successful, Google published the exact logo on its own URL so that people could continue to play after the celebration was over. Visitors could switch the game to Ms. Pac Man as well by clicking on the “Insert Coin” button twice. With two clicks two Pac Man games appear, so that people can play two games at one time.

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