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Sorezki SEO Plus is the Google Chrome extension which is one of the excellent SEO tool which can help you to enhance your SEO activities.  The biggest compliment a blogger can receive is more traffic to their site.

Any blogger would enjoy the reputation of having their articles and information spread across the Internet, reaching thousands, if not millions of people. The By offering various features, it helps promote the site and correct basic preferences and code structures.

Sorezki SEO Plus, a free Google Chrome extension that upgrades Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo search engine and Google Analytics with social activity statistics, on-page results, social media info and PR / search results numbering, as well as Yahoo, SEO Toolbar, Bing and Google search engines with geo-location search tools, advanced metrics, anchor / PR scanners and more.

After installing Sorezki SEO Plus you can see a little icon in your Google chrome web-browser just at the right side of your Google Chrome address bar, by clicking on that icon it will display all information about the website you are looking for. Here I checked stats of the Tricks Machine with Sorezki SEO Plus Chrome Extension.

The Sorezki SEO Plus enables tools such as search results numbering, as well as Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines with geo-location search tools, advanced metrics, anchor/PR scanners and more. You can explore all the features of Sorezki SEO Plus add-on with the following video.

Sorezki SEO Plus is one of the best SEO tools which shows keywords density, optimisation recommendations, site tags, URLs, page load speed test, keyword search volume, W3C Validation reports, meta tags, canonical info, follow/nofollow link data, titles and other HTML tags and displays various social network parameters, such as Facebook likes, comments, tweets, bookmarks etc.

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