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With social networking applications being one of the most popular software applications out there, it is no wonder that more and more companies are making efforts to enter this market. More specifically, the GPS-based mobile phone application segment is enjoying a boom despite the global downturn.

One company representing this field is the East Coast Diversified Corporation, which is well-known for its GPS-based RFID solutions. RFID is a tracking system that uses intelligent bar codes. There are also plans to develop social networking applications based on GPS tracking technology.


Most cell phones used by Americans are equipped with GPS navigation capabilities installed in advance, so imagine the potential profits of this initiative! An example of a popular social networking application is Foursquare, which people use to keep in touch with friends when they are on the go. Of course, this is far from the only possible use of this app.

For instance, GPS-based apps can make it possible to know not only on what day a shipment will arrive, but at what time exactly the delivery man will show up.

This can be achieved by being able to intercept his exact location. This way, you can plan your time and activities better. If he is still far away, you can get something done in the meantime before he gets there. GPS-based social networking apps can also be used to see where your friends are, let them see where you are and have been, keep track of staff and cars, and more.

Parents would benefit greatly from these apps. They would know if their kids were at school, at home, at a friend’s place, or whatever. These apps can also locate vehicles, airport luggage, pets, or anything else you need to track. Another company getting into this segment is LinkedIn Corporation, whose social networking products are valued at over $100 billion at the present.


The company Mologogo has also been offering free GPS tracking for thousands of people worldwide for several years now. All you need is a phone with a prepaid card, on which you then install the Mologogo software. Most phones have built-in GPS, so your location can be made known to anyone you want to share this information with.

If you have a Smartphone with GPS, all you need to do to be set is install the software and open an account. Mologogo is also developing GPS-based social networking apps for iPhone, Android, Nokia, and a number of other phones.


Finally, a few words about the new BlackBerry social networking app, which goes by the name of Blip. This is a free app intended for both business and personal use. You can track locations, view the speed and direction someone you know is moving in, receive location updates manually or automatically in intervals of 5-60 minutes, and carry out online monitoring of locations via a web interface.

BlackLine produces GPS Snitch, which can be connected to Blip and used to track valuable objects. The Snitch is a transceiver sensitive to motion, currently priced at $40.


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