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Bollywood Celebrity Blogs or websites is always the spicy buzz in Bollywood industry.Whether its a movie promotion or Reality show promotion or its own Cricket Team promotions. Bollywood celebrities are now fighting over their personal blogs (Bollywood Celebrity Blogs) and commenting about each other, apologizing for comments, statements and much more. I am posting a long list of Bollywood celebrities as well as popular Indian Bollywood Celebrity Blogs here, check this out.

List starts here 🙂

Bollywood Celebrity Blogs

Bollywood Celebrity Blogs

1. Aamir Khan
Actor, director, producer
Link: His own website
Aamir keeps his blog regularly updated. Writes about a lot of things but many tend to revolve around his films. Good blog to follow if you want to know what The Perfectionist has to say. But the blog in itself is far away from being perfect. It even lacks many features that we non-celebrity bloggers expect as default in our blogs.


2.Ajay Devgan

Actor, producer, director

Link: His own website
The design of his website is  really good. Ajay Devgan makes very infrequent entries on his online diary and it is more of an one-sided affair as users cannot comment there.

big-b-blog33.Amitabh Bachchan


Link: Big Blog at Bigadda
The Big B is a prolific blogger and has provided him with a comparatively decent platform to blog on. His and Aamir’s blog are the two most discussed celebrity blogs in the country.

amrita-rao044.Amrita Rao

Actress, model

Link: Blog at BollywoodHungama

She’s good looking but doesn’t write much. Only two little posts which are written in 2008. so not much to say about her blog.

anupam-kher5.Anupam Kher

Actor, director, producer

Link: Blog at IntentBlog

A great actor but i think not much interested in writing blog posts.This blog is long dead.So there is no point to follow his blog in real. I love his recent movie named A wednesday with Nasaruddin Shah.

ITALY/6.Anurag Kashyap

Who: Director, writer

Link: My Diary blog at PassionForCinema

He is a
award-winning Indian filmmaker/director.Anurag’s thoughts are interesting to read even when he is spewing fire at his detractors.His recent release was Dev D.

bipasha7.Bipasha Basu

Actress, model
Link: On her own website and an old blog at RediffBlogs

Bipasa Basu also writes articles every now and then on her website. Latest entries talk about  tomboy sort of girl.I am not sure how authenticate this site is though. Miss Basu doesn’t seem to find this blog thing interesting enough.  The RediffBlogs blog is practically defunct.


8.Farhan Akhtar

Director, writer, producer, singer, actor, television host

Link: His TV show’s website

Farhan is a wonderful director and a so-so singer-actor-host. This blog is more about his show on NDTV Imagine, but he also does write about other things too. But there are only four posts, therefore can’t say more.

gul_panag_0329.Gul Panag

Actress, model
Link: Twitter

The lovely Gul isn’t seen much besides the Tata Sky ad with Aamir Khan and even her blogging is erratic, but it seems to have picked up pace of late.Her latest post which written on Apr 22nd about Jet Airways.She is also on Twitter.

johnabraham210.John Abraham
Actor, model
Link: On his own website

The design of his blog is not good enough to attract fans . As we all know he is one of the dashing actor in the industry now a days.The functionality of John’s blog is a bit strange and moreover there isn’t much in there too. Only a solitary post. But he might get on to writing soon.

karanjohar-3b-1_1186981826111.Karan Johar

Director, producer, TV host

Link: His own website

When KJo writes, he writes a lot. But of late there isn’t much happening on his blog.he wrote a last post in 2008. Seems now a days Karan is busy with his movies.Well there is no point to follow his blog as he is not regular to his blog too.

200405240687010612.Lalu Prasad Yadav


Link: Blog at MyPopcorn

Lalu’s blog had generated quite a lot of interest, but the idea seemed unsustainable right from the start and also proved to be so. Just another attempt by a website to generate pageviews.There is nothing interested in his blog so don’t follow.

13.Nandita Das

Actress, director

Link: Nandita Writes section on her own website

Known to be a thinking actress, her writing also reflects that thought. But she doesn’t seem to write too often.


Link: Blog at Galatta

Madhvan is one of my favt actor. I saw RHTDM more than 50 times.Maddy’s writes short and irregular posts. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in his blog either, assuming from the few comments it received.He wrote his last blog entry in 2008.

original_manoj-bajpai_48d0a1d51b79b15.Manoj Bajpayee


Link: Two blogs at ItzMyBlog (powered by Blogger).

The two blogs are just translations and the content is essentially the same. There are atleast a couple of posts every month.

Todays I am just finishing upto M. The list of bollywood celebrity blogs is much longer. I am writing this post in several parts.

Hope you all will love this post. Just share your comments with us about Bollywood Celebrity Blogs.


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