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It was not many years ago that seeing a portable computer within a classroom was unimaginable. Even the first few generations of the laptop were just not practical for the rugged use that a student could put their computer through.

These days, Netbooks For Students, schooling without technology is just impractical and will put students at a disadvantage. Netbooks have been developed to fill the niche that students require. Portable, durable, and affordable is what is required of these amazing pieces of technology and these are the 5 top Netbooks For Students looking for an edge.

5. Toshiba mini NB305-N310

Netbooks For Students

Toshiba didn’t quite hit its stride in the desktop world. They had record low sales and instead of giving up decided to branch out into different markets to test the water. Their gamble paid off with the Toshiba mini series. This netbooks weighs in at just under three pounds and has an equally impressive low-end price tag.

The construction is both sturdy and professional looking with a comfortable screen size, mousepad, and keyboard that are easy to manipulate.

4. Lenovo Thinkpad X100e

Lenovo has been in the netbooks market since it has existed and they seem to know exactly what students are looking for in their portable computers. The Thinkpad X100e is a middle of the road netbook with dozens of options for customization before purchase such as 3g wireless cards. The one downfall of the Thinkpad is the battery life which can dip below 4 hours with heavy processing.

3. Samsung N210

The Samsung N210 was made for the traveling student. Every feature on this netbook screams out the fact that it was meant to be used in any condition that the student would ever find themselves in.

The matte screen works great in both low light and sunlight conditions. The six cell battery has decent life and can push 7 or so hours, depending on type of usage, before needing to recharge.

2. Acer Aspire One 532h-2326

Many companies price themselves out of the notebook market by attaching too many frivolous features and fluff to their computers. Acer is making sure this will never be a problem with this sturdy and amazingly well priced machine. If there was one notebook that was meant to be dropped into a stuffed backpack and keep on running, this is it.

1. Gateway LT2118u Netbook

This Netbooks For Students has changed the market for netbooks batteries as it pushes past an 11 hour battery life. From sunup to sundown this netbooks can manipulate all forms of processing for nearly a half a day. Even more amazing is the fact that this sturdy little machine was packed into 2.76 pound, battery-saving package.

Check all this Netbooks For Students and let us know what you think about this.


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