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I have composed a list of the best Facebook Games of the month July 2011 depends on the number of daily active users. As we all know that Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over millions users. One of the great perks of Facebook is that there are tons of games that anyone can pass their time with. But it may be overwhelming to choose where to start from.

But we’ve made it a little easier for you to get your game on. Check out this list of our top 10 Facebook games of the month July 2011.

Rank 10. Pet Society by Electronic Arts

In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time! You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them. Play now and share the fun with everyone!

9,341,809 monthly active users.

Rank 9. Diamond Dash by wooga

Diamond Dash is a 60 second gem rush: click colorful gems, unleash magic diamonds and compete with your friends!
10,002,750 monthly active users.

Rank 8. Bejeweled Blitz by PopCap Games

Play the award-winning hit, Bejeweled Blitz! 45,000,000 fans already know why says this lightning-fast blast of the world’s most popular puzzle game “Can turn you from a normal person to an obsessive fanboy in a matter of 60 seconds!”
10,618,776 monthly active users.

Rank 7 : Café World by Zynga

Cafe World is a game where you can become a master chef and build the food empire of your dreams! Choose from dozens of dishes, then slice, chop, saute and bake your way to the top of the culinary world!
11,734,675 monthly active users.

Rank 6 : FrontierVille by Zynga

FrontierVille is a new game from Zynga, maker of great games like FarmVille, Zynga Poker, and Mafia Wars. Build a home in the wilderness, raise a family, and watch out for bears in this new free game. Love Zynga games? You’ll love FrontierVille!
13,582,984 monthly active users.

Rank 5 : Monster Galaxy by Gaia Online

Monster Galaxy is an exciting new role-playing game where you can fight and collect over a hundred wild monsters. Join your friends on a fantastic adventure as you battle together to tame the zodiac and save the world! Can you catch them all?
18,397,813 monthly active user.

Rank 4 : Texas HoldEm Poker by Zynga

Play Zynga Poker–the world’s largest Texas Hold’Em Poker game with over 7 million players each day! Play with friends or meet people from around the world. Get FREE chips every day that you play!
35,462,687 monthly active users.

Rank 3 :FarmVille by Zynga

Howdy y’all! Come on down to the Farm today and play with your friends. We’ve got plenty of land for everyone. See what everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’ about.
38,562,986 monthly active users.

Rank 2 : Empires & Allies by Zynga

This is Zynga’s new game, Empires & Allies! Secure your territory, build up your forces, and team up with your neighbors to defeat the Dark Alliance—or stage an invasion against your friends!
50,432,394 monthly active users.

Rank 1 : CityVille by Zynga

Grab your hard hats and work boots, ’cause it’s time to get building! Welcome to CityVille, where you and your friends can build the city of your dreams!
86,442,965 monthly active users.

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