5 Tips for Facebook Marketing You Weren’t Using Last Year

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We all know that Facebook is one of the biggest things going in social media. You know that Facebook fans of your business are more likely to shop with your business and spend more money than regular customers. You’ve already got a Facebook Page going with fans and great conversations on your Wall. Here, we’ve put together a list of five great ways to take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

1. Photo Albums and Videos

Whatever your business, photos and videos are a great way to show off your products, services, happy customers, and behind-the-scenes views of what goes on in your business. Media makes your page more interesting and interactive. It’s also much more likely to be shared among friends and go viral.

Consider bringing your camera to events to take pictures of fans and customers, and then tagging them in your Facebook album. Cool photo/video ideas for a business Facebook Page could be:

  • Photo contest for the coolest shot of your product in action.
  • Your biggest fan contest with discounts offered for votes.
  • Lipdub of happy customers in your store.
  • Holiday video showing off your company culture

2. Tag Fans in Photos

Lenny Kravitz created a huge buzz around a concert by posting pictures taken from the stage and asking fans to tag themselves. Each tag appeared in the user’s news feed and wall, giving his tour tons of free publicity. Consider doing something similar at photos taken at your business events and parties.

3. Network With Other Businesses

You can tag other Facebook Pages in your status updates using the @PAGENAME tag, similar to Twitter hashtags. These updates will be posted on the other page’s wall, spreading your influence around Facebook. Use this respectfully and only for businesses in your niche or with whom you have existing relationships.

4. Facebook Events


Facebook Events are a great way to separately promote an event and connect with your target audience by inviting them (en masse) to your event. You can invite anyone you like, even those not on your friend list or one of your fans.

You can make events public or private, for your more exclusive affairs. Facebookers who RSVP “yes” to your public event will have that appear in their News Feed, making it likely that some of their connections will see the event and check out your event page. Cool event ideas your business could implement:

  • VIP trunk sale.
  • Launch party for a new product/service
  • Anniversary party.
  • Book signings, musical events, speakers

5. Facebook Apps for your brand

Bored with events and photo updates? Ok, how about creating (or licensing) a Facebook app for your business? American Express partnered with Foursquare to offer instant discounts by merchants whenever a card user “checked in” via Foursquare.

Maybe you don’t have a multi-million dollar marketing budget, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use one of the thousands of existing apps to build a fun experience for your fans. Here’s a few ideas we came up with:

  • Sketching app to draw a caricature of customers using your product using existing Facebook photos.
  • Using Foursquare to offer customers discounts for “checking in”.
  • Send musical greeting cards to fans on their birthdays.

True Blood, the vampire-themed HBO show promoted it’s fourth season launch with a Facebook app that allowed users to insert themselves (or their friends) into an interactive video trailer. Over eight million fans have now “Liked” True Blood’s Facebook Page. Now that’s social media savvy.


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