5 Smart Android Apps That Will Light Up Your Parties

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Though billions of smart android apps were downloaded last year, they certainly weren’t enough to satiate the hunger for more. Mobile app entrepreneurs believe the figures could go higher, and at the same time, consumers believe they could still use a few more apps to manage their lives in a much better way.

Biggies like Google and Apple have many android apps in their stores. These include multiple free gaming applications along with some other business, health, travel, lifestyle and media related applications in the market. Games and music are without doubt the most sought after apps throughout the globe. Its the younger generation that undeniably makes the maximum use of android apps. One more thing that they like to do a lot if party. When you put these two together, you get some kick-ass android apps which are a must have for any party lover.

The apps designers have considered many situations to design these applications mentioned here. It means that if you host a party and want a quick fix for entertaining the guests, just go get the right android app to keep things moving.

1. Bartender



Take for instance a party demands drinks for non-alcoholics, the bartender app will be give many helpful suggestion to mix the drinks for these guests instantly. The app has browsing feature to look through different drinks in the online lists. You can add some drinks to your favorites and prepare them without having to go through a hassle of looking for them when the situation demands. You can also see top rated cocktails, which can help you make a choice for yourself.

2. Party Games


A party lacking good games, especially drinking games, makes it difficult to keep your guests entertained. An app with good drinking games will keep your guests interested. There are 33 different games with the rules. In case you seem to have no clue on how to entertain your guests, this app will save the day for you!

3. Google Places


This could be confusing, why to add Google Places to your party android apps! Wait, there are a number of times when you run out of things like food, drinks, ice or entertainment. You can rush to the nearest place and get what you need with Google Places. Your friends may not always want to wait for the beer for hours together. In case you are hanging out in a new place, Google Places will give you map and routes for nearest gas station, grocery store or wherever you have to reach.

4. Double twist


Party without music is unthinkable. But if it’s difficult to find a DJ, let Google apps show you the way. You can get the best player to fuse music, create playlists and get assistance of its user-friendly interface through Double twist. How about keeping the music flowing all night long?

5. BAC calculator


Party ends and you are headed home, but you really don’t want to deal with an issue of DUI, do you? BAC calculator will give an estimate of the BAC depending on how much alcohol you have gulped down while partying. It is just to ensure that you are within the limits; getting a driver to take you home applies anyways.

More cool android apps are there to make your life easy; you just have to find them.


Vishal Gaikar

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