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Here are some adsense alternatives. Developing a blog takes a lot of thought, time, and perseverance. Not only do you have to produce creative, relevant content for your site, but you also have to earn a readership. If you have a successful blog, then you no doubt understand how much energy and hard work that can be. It is only natural to want a return on that investment.

Sure, it’s nice to view reader comments and receive emails of praise for your blog material . . . but there’s also nothing quite like reaping a financial reward for all of your effort.

You’ve worked for your blog and made it successful. Now you want to learn about the variety of ways to make your blog work for you, right? Today, many bloggers choose to monetize their blogs by using Google Adsense. Google Adsense places Google Adwords ads that are relevant to your blog’s theme on your blog’s web page.

Adsense is a great way to make money through your blog, but you may want to explore your options. If that is the case, there are alternatives to Adsense that are worth considering:

Contextual Ads

These ads are different from Adsense ads in that they are completely unobtrustive and only appear when your readers hover over double-underlined text in the body of your blog content. is a popular In Text Ad provider, reporting marked gains in readership and revenue for those sites that use Infolinks’ In Text ads. Many blog owners consider these ads to be a good supplemental income, and use them in addition to Adsense ads.

Café Press

Use Café Press, or a similar company, to produce customized products for your blog readers. Take your blog marketing to the next level by selling mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, stickers and other items with your blog’s logo on them. Link directly to Café Press from your site to allow your reader to purchase a variety of merchandise that speaks for your blog.

Chitika Ads

Only users who come across your blog by way of a search engine will see these ads, so this is a great way to monetize your blog without exposing your regular subscribers to obtrusive ads. This also encourages random visitors to become blog followers.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program allows you to link your blog to larger companies that are somehow related to your blog content. For example, if you run a blog about caring for horses, then you can associated with an affiliate program that allows your readers to click on linked pages for large horse breeders, horse trainers, saddle manufacturers, Western wear and more.

As you can see, there are many ways to monetize your blog that don’t involve exposing your readers to unsolicited ads. Using one or a combination of these methods can help grow your blog and can make your blog make money for you. Do you know more adsense alternatives?


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