Top 5 Must-Have Broadband Applications for Android Users

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The Android Operating System today is one of the world’s most dominating mobile operating software. Knowing it to be a Google’s product, one would not be surprised by its supremacy over Nokia’s Symbian software. Android has been making constant improvements and changes to challenge even the iOS (Apple’s Operating system). Here let us turn our attention towards few applications that are worth having in our Android mobile phones.

iiNet Usage Meter

The iiNet Usage Meter is an application that brings Broadband usage right to your home screen. This software is easy to download and install. While installing the application, you may be prompted for a username and password. You may also select the time frame for updating your application and the way you want the application to be displayed on your phone. This application is equipped with a complete interface and comprehensive settings options. There is a 2×2 widget displaying all the usage information.

Key Features:

  • Broadband usage right on your home screen.
  • 2×2 widget, user-interface equipped application.
  • Displays the summary of data used.
  • Settings can be personalized changing the display type, software update interval, username and password.
  • A single click on the widget can load user interface.

Speed Test.Net

As the name suggests, this application helps you in determining the speed of your mobile internet. This is also helpful in checking if your internet connection speed lives upto what your service provider had promised you, thus analysing the value for your money as well.

Of late this application is made available in new android phones free-of-cost. In any case, the application is available for free along with several other android applications in the android’s website. It has undergone millions of speed test and is believed to be the ultimate solution for bandwidth testing and other related information.

Key Features

  • Free account sign up. No purchase installation or download charges.
  • Accurate results and can work in multiple network of computers.
  • Other utilities like creating your speed waves, distinguishing and grouping your connections, managing test history and reserving a unique name can be performed here.

NetDial SIP Phone

NetDial SIP Phone is a VOIP application designed to run on android-based phones. Android owners can now make and receive VoIP calls in their mobile phones through broadband internet connections regardless of their locations.The application provides a free SIP account which is necessary to make a VoIP call. Hence users may sign up with an SIP account from a VoIP service provider. NetDial SIP Phones can enhance voice quality with better clarity.

net-TV mobile

This application brings your home TV entertainment to your Android phones from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to control your home TV. All you need is a net-TV box at home and the software (net-TV mobile) on your android phone to enjoy live TV over 3G or Wi-fi connections.

One has to have an internet TV box installed at home (that will stream the home TV signals) and internet connections on both ends.

3G Watchdog Pro – Your Money Guardian

This application helps you in managing your mobile phone data limits by guarding your internet traffic usage. The application works in 3G or Edge or GPRS mode. So you do not have to worry about running out of money when using your internet on your android phones.

Key Features ::

  • Determines your usage by application.
  • Backup of your history by month, week, day and plan with chart view.
  • Tracks multiple SIM cards automatically.
  • New User Interface.
  • Beautiful widget styles
  • Auto switch function between account and SIM.
  • Easily detects your usage and warns you by indicating the notification area, displaying it in green, red or orange.

There are hundreds of other applications that can be used in android phones. The above cited applications are few examples of good and useful broadband applications. While internet is the heart of the living world today, mobile phones have become the soul of our daily life. Thus when these two great inventions of mankind join hands together, life becomes simpler and more fun.


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