How to Play FM Radio without Headphones

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If you are looking for play FM Radio without headphones then let me tell you that headphones for the all phones which have radio work as antenna of that FM Radio. So It is really not possible to play FM Radio without headphones for latest smartphones.


But before some days I tried following trick on Motorola phones and it worked like charm. This is a simple trick and which play FM Radio without connecting the headphones or headset. I had tried below tricks on my old phone- Motorola Moto W220 it was worked.

If you still have old Motorola phone devices then I suggest you to try the following tricks and hopefully it will work. Note that, you can Play FM Radio without Headphones on old Motorola phones.

Just Dial  *#**372#   or   *#**376#

Above trick will not work on latest android phones cause the phone has to use the radio as an antenna because it doesn’t have one built in. But if you really want to play FM Radio without headsets then you can play FM Radio over the speakers with the headphones plugged in.

Even your old Walkman devices needed the headphones as an antenna. I think FM radio requires a antenna so try the above trick on old Moto devices and share your views with us.


Vishal Gaikar

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