4 Ways to Create Custom Chrome themes

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Google Chrome the second most used browser (after Firefox) by Google is known for its sleek interface and speed. Google also has opened Chrome webstore which is one-stop resource for Extensions, Themes and Apps for your Chrome. Currently there are numerous themes in the webstore. But if you aren’t satisfied with those themes, you can create your very own personalized theme for Chrome.

Creating Chrome Themes Offline

CRX Theme creator

It’s very easy to create Chrome themes using “CRX theme creator”, you just need to select the images for Background, Tabs, Frames, Toolbars and select the colors for them. Unfortunately it supports only .png format image files. After that click “Pack theme” and the tool will create a .crx file which you can share at Chrometheme.net or apply it to your chrome.

Things you’ll need to create a theme –

  1. An image editor – An advance editor that can allow you to create good content (Using simple editors can do the job of creating themes, but very sloppy ones! It is recommended to use Photoshop; if you can’t afford that many bucks you can try free alternatives like Gimp and Paint.net).
  2. If you are a Photoshop user or even a Gimp user then, you can download this Chrome window design which makes it easy to visualize what the theme should look like.
  3. Be creative while selecting the colors and images for the theme.
  4. Pack your theme and publish it by uploading it to the Chrome web store.

Creating Chrome Theme Online

Chrome Theme Maker

You can customize your chrome theme with colors and images of your choice with a few mouse clicks with Chrome theme maker. Don’t worry if you don’t have images to upload! Chrome Theme Maker also has a gallery containing numerous abstract images. After selecting the images and colors you can apply the theme or download the theme as a .crx file which you can apply to chrome by just dragging it into a chrome window.


It’s almost similar to Chrome Theme Maker, but you can also edit the themes you already own. Just zip the theme file you have and upload and then you can start editing. It’s also available on the Chrome webstore, Check it out


Chromizer is a simple online tool which asks for a .png format image file (Used as background image) to create a Google chrome theme. Even though you can’t change the colors or add images for tabs, frames etc, it’s a good tool for noobs and non-techies.


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