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Google opens the doors to its online store to download applications from the web for the rich browser, Google Chrome. The latest news from the Google is that they opened a Chrome Web Store which identifies custom applications to run in the browser.

As per official blog

Google Chrome users who find web apps in the store will be able to create convenient shortcuts in Chrome for easy access. Also, developers will have the option to easily sell their apps through the store using a convenient and secure payment system.

The Chrome Web Store offers users to discover applications, extensions and themes for Google Chrome . Some applications are free and others pay. With this online store, Google lists all chrome extensions, themes and applications in a single location. It also allows developers to deliver applications for Google Chrome and sell them. A marketing system is currently only in place in the U.S. before opening up to other countries in the world in early 2011.

Chrome Web Store will present the different applications listed in categories like communication, entertainment and so on. It will also incorporate themes and extensions for the browser Chrome. All applications will be tested before being “installed”.

Once you have install the application, its icon will appear on the New Tab Page. You can uninstall app by, right clicking on the app’s icon on New Tab Page and select Uninstall.

Chrome Web Store | Source : Official Google System Blog


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  • Thanks for sharing this.
    Will check out the store

  • Thanks wil check out the store
    Google is trying to make chrome more popular  by this
    However, google products are always cool

  • You are right atul… even their mobile OS android is rocking now a days 😛

  • Cool news, thanks Vishal

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