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If you are tired of juggling multiple tabs, and copying and pasting emails into separate apps. Then with the help of Taskforce, you can convert emails into tasks without ever leaving Gmail. Taskforce is the one of the best Gmail app , which is a browser add-on that you can download for your Gmail that helps you organize Gmail. So you’ll save time, stay organized, and get work done faster than ever before.

Gmail’s also provides you the default Tasks function which allows you to create new tasks, add any email as a task, move tasks to your Calendar lists, and so on, but Taskforce is more powerful than Gmail’s Task feature. As Taskforce allows you to add tasks directly through its beautiful interface and also through emails too. So creating a new task is easy, you have to just click the new task button and add your information and you’re done.

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From the comfort of your Google inbox, you can convert emails into tasks, and eliminate them from your inbox. Turning emails into actions. You can collaborate with your colleagues more easily, and remove the need for CC’s. By simply sharing a task with colleagues and allowing comments to flow directly to your Taskforce.

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Taskforce is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari which then integrates directly into your Gmail inbox and allows you to split your emails into 3 different types: Information, Action, and Broadcast.

Taskforce also allows for offline syncing. If you’re using Gmail offline you can still use Taskforce. So if you are a regular Gmail user and want to keep your inbox clutter free and clean then Taskforce is the right app for you. Give it a try and share your feedback with us via comments.

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