5 Dynamic WordPress Plugins for Facebook

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Here is the list of 5 WordPress Plugins for Facebook. There are two dynamic platforms which seem to have redefined, revolutionized and revitalized our worlds virtually. Where Facebook is a social networking giant, WordPress is a glorious blog publishing platform and a customized CMS. And one can only expect wonders of copious prepositions when these two combine.

Facebook wordpress plugins

If you have been looking out for ways to synergize the power of these two magnificent platforms and use it in your favor, then you have come to the right place.

5 Dynamic WordPress plugins for Facebook

Below we have shortlisted 5 amazing WP-plugins to help you integrate and exploit from the power of Facebook on your WordPress. Read ahead to discover more:

1. SEO Facebook comments

Let us start with the plugin that has been unanimously kept at the top of the list of a lot of developers when we asked them about their favorite WP-Plugin for Facebook. One of the most powerful plugins that we have today, SEO Facebook Comments along with providing you with a thorough comment form also painlessly includes the content being posted as comments to your blog posts, in the backend database of WP and makes them available for the search engines, thus further improving the SEO rankings of your blog.

If you desire online success and if you would like for your blog to reach out to the likes of millions and more, this is the plugin of choice for you. You can download SEO Facebook comments from here.

2. JanRain RPx

Owing to this plugin, you will able to provide the users to your blog with multiple options to sign in and interact freely. The plugin provides a number of social platforms for users to sign in from, namely Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, My Space account, Open ID, Windows Live ID and the rest.

Once you download and install it, the users will be able to sign in and comment freely on your blog, with just a click of the mouse and completely discarding any lengthy tedious logging in procedures. Download JanRain RPx from here.

3. Fotobook

Fotobook WordPress plugin bridges the gap between your Facebook pictures and your blog in the sense that it gives complete liberty to the users to import the pictures from their Facebook account and display the same in an animated side bar on their WordPress blog.

The plugin is powered by a very simple to use Ajax panel which is there to manage the photo albums. However, one limitation of this otherwise poignant plugin is that it will not work with WordPress 2.8.

4. Digsby Plugin

If you find it a bit distracting and overwhelming to manage your WordPress blog and Facebook account simultaneously then stop doing it!

Simply use this plugin to display Facebook as a widget to your blog and while you busy managing it, you can also chat with your friends in the given deployment environment. Now no more shuffling between tabs – manage Facebook chats and your WP-blog both under the same roof. Download Digsby plugin from here.

5. Facebook Like Box

There are various Like Box plugins out there and it is important that you avoid almost all of them, except for this one. This Facebook Like Box when installed not only shows the faces of everyone who has liked your Facebook page, but also helps in increasing the performance of the website.

If you install the plugin manually you can easily expect a decrease of 5 seconds in the loading time of the website. And should you ever feel stuck, you can anytime opt for the services provided by a leading WordPress development company, to get faultless and web optimized solutions.

This was all that we have regarding WordPress plugins for Facebook for now. We hope that it will help you increase the engagement of your blog. If you are really serious about the blogging thing, do consider opting for a professional WP-development company.

And now, please let us know your opinions about this list of the plugins; were they of much use to you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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