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It is common knowledge that saving money is the only way to build true wealth. Thankfully, it has never been easier to manage and save money due to the large number of free financial web apps now available. Whether it is saving money through wise budgeting, locating the best deals, or taking advantage of coupons the following web apps can help assist anyone in building a brighter financial future.

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1. Mint

This highly-rated application automatically tracks a users monetary life on all levels. It allows for the integration of all assets and debits that can be conveniently viewed on one screen. One of the sites best sections is “Ways To Save” which compares the terms of a users current accounts, like fees and minimum balances, against other companies and then suggests ways for switching accounts to save money. It also offers an iPhone application for keeping track of accounts from remote locations.

2. BillShrink

With so many competing offers for similar services and products, it is often difficult for anyone to know if they’re actually getting the best deal. BillShrink offers a cost-savings tool that continually compares a user’s current bills against other similar offers. After a user fills out a short questionnaire, the program suggests ways they can save on current expenses for items like cell phone and television services, credit card rates, gas prices and other common outlays. It also tracks product trends to assist buyers in making purchases when prices will be at their lowest.

3. Yodlee

From individual customers to large companies, Yodlee offers a full range of financial management solutions. All accounts can be linked securely and viewed on one screen. A customer can also analyze transactions in a variety of formats to see where expenses go and how money can be saved. Upgrades to the program are available for business accounts.

4. FatWallet

FatWallet offers consumers an online community for finding coupons, discount codes and other deals from major online retailers. A great feature of the site is its Cash Back program. When someone shops at and buys from a retailer that offers a cash back incentive, the money is deposited into their FatWallet Cash Back account for future use.

5. Walletproof

This simple application is designed for those who have difficulty staying within a monthly budget. A budget is set at the beginning of each month to cover all major expenses and the program then determines a disposable income level. As bills are paid and expenses are entered, Walletproof constantly reminders the user of how much money is left for staying within their monthly budget.

6. MySpendingPlan

This highly-recommended application offers a wide range of financial assistance including budget planning, savings calculations, bill reminders, discount coupons and helpful tips on common financial matters. In addition, it will also recommends a future budget that is best suited to the user’s income level.

7. JustThrive

A simple financial application that explains in easy to understand terms how anyone can design and meet financial goals. It will compare accounts and suggest ways for finding better rates, as well as offer advice on topics like how to buy a home or ways to avoid compulsive shopping habits.

8. SlickDeals

This site offers discount coupons as well as a daily list of deals compiled by editors on a wide range of products and services. Users can vote on their favorite offers and read product reviews submitted by community members.

9. Plan2Spend

Another great application for those who have trouble staying within a budget. Plan2Spend helps users look beyond long-range budgets and focus on day to day spending habits. It generates reports to help the user better understand their spending habits and offers a community of members to provide peer support for overcoming spending issues.

10. eCampus

For both parents and students, textbooks can be a major financial drain on an education budget. This site offers ways for people to save money when buying new or used textbooks. It also offers a textbook rental and return program as an alternative to purchasing books.

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