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Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2010. YouTube is by far the most popular and most visited online video site on the Web. But which videos in particular were big during 2010? Youtube has officially declared the top 10 list of the most popular videos of the 2010. You can Re-watch the year’s most popular videos and use the interactive time-line to see the moments that defined YouTube in 2010.

Here is the Youtube’s official list of Top 10 YouTube Videos of the year 2010 :

10: Gymkhana Three, Part 2

9: Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan

8: The Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer

7: This Too Shall Pass OK Go

6: Giant Double Rainbow

5: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Old Spice)

4: Annoying Orange Wazzup

3: Greyson Chance ‘Paparazzi’

2: Tik Tok Kesha Parody

1: Bed Intruder Song

These lists give a great insight into what is being searched for and watched on YouTube throughout the year. The top 10 videos list is particularly interesting as it contains a clip from various categories  like reality TV shows, a movie trailer, user captured videos n all. Which proves there is no real strategy for having a huge hit – it either works or it doesn’t.


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