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10 Free Android Apps. The Android Market has more than 100 000 applications. Android is the great platform that offers the widest variety of applications to its users. A very large number of free applications are available on Market, Google’s online store.

Free Android Apps

Android Phones running the Google operating system and can extend their capabilities, taking advantage of gadgets without much interest or real improvements. Here is our selection of the top 10 Free Android apps for your phone. Have a look to the following list ::

10. Facebook

More than 150 million Facebook users access their account through mobiles and Android is no exception to the rule. It’s very easy to update your status, it is possible to use the discussion (chat), Place (square), Groups, and access your messages from your phone.

9. Google Maps

Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. Now you can get the Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Places with Hotpot, and Latitude.

8. Foursquare

Foursquare Android app helps you find new ways to explore your city. See where your friends are, learn about the places they frequent and unlock rewards as you travel.

7. Opera Mini

With the help of this android app you can surf the web on a mobile phone as easily as on a desktop computer. Whichever phone you have, a smooth user experience awaits.

6. Angry Birds

Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 120 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

5. YouTube

Experience the latest and best version of the official YouTube app, which offers: beautiful new UI design and In-page playback with the personalized home screen video feed.

4. Twidroyd

Twidroyd is the industry-standard twitter client for android and among the most used twitter applications across all platforms. It’s available as a free and commercial pro version that supports all twitter features as well as functionality that is customized to the capabilities of android.

3. Google Goggles

Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken with your mobile phone to search the web. It’s ideal for things that aren’t easy to describe in words. There’s no need to type or speak your query – all you have to do is open the app, snap a picture, and wait for your search results.

2. Barcode Scanner

This free application that allows you to read bar codes as well as the QR code from your Android device. Using Barcode Scanner is simple, you run the application and you center the bar code. A few seconds later, your device will display information associated with the code.

1. Google Sky Map

Point your phone at the sky, and Google Sky Map will show the stars, planets, constellations, and more to help you identify the celestial objects in view.

Note :: All the above described applications are sorted with the help of Android Market, all the image and descriptions courtesy belongs to Android Market and respective developers sites.

So this is all which I have compiled a list of the top ten free Android apps for you. Do you guys have a favorite app? If so, then let us know via comments.


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