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As we all know that Foursquare is a location-based social networking website which provides software for mobile devices. And now it just got better. Foursquare launched an updated app for the iPhone that allows users to post photos and leave comments about their own check-ins and friends’ check-ins. This great feature opens up a new level of communication for Foursquare that may enhance the “social” experience for some users.

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Comments make meeting up and exploring so much easier. Improve your day by telling a friend that you’re around the corner and they should swing by. And getting a last-minute comment reminding you to order the best dish saves your meal. (You can even comment on the website and from check-in links posted to Facebook and Twitter!)

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Foursquare now lets you attach photos to your Check-ins, In Fact, When You check-in Anywhere With Your iPhone app now, you will be prompted to add photos of that Place. Once You Have checked in, you-can continue to add more photos to your check-in detail page.

Link : Foursquare iPhone app


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