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If you have any unused old mobile phones lying around you can now make money on them when you trade them in with mobile phone recycling companies.

This new trend in trading in old mobile phones has only just taken off in Europe but is spreading quickly across the Atlantic in places such as America and Canada.

Not only are you helping the environment by sending your phone to expert recycling companies but you can get an unexpected cash return just for digging out any old mobile phones that you may have locked in draws, stored away in attics or left on shelves.

However the fact remains that recycling you phone is much better than just throwing it away or leaving it in your desk drawer to collect dust and grow older with less value. Recycling now only takes a fraction of your resources (time, money, effort) All you do is fill in a simple form and they will sell your mobile phone.

SellMyMobile.Com is the right place for you. Its the UK’s number 1 mobile phone recycling price comparison site and where they make mobile phone recycling as easy as possible for you.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Usage of cell phones is growing like anything in our planet earth. Everyday new models of mobiles are coming out from different providers. So Recycling of Old and unused mobile phones is a must. Thanks for sharing the site mate.

  • Great sharing actually Sathish @ TechieMania, I absolutely agree with you,   Everyday new models of mobiles are coming out from different providers. So recycling your old sell mobile is must,  If you are looking for any good recycling companies pls you can come and visit it will give you a huge information.



    • Thanks Jaymond for mentioning the site details

  • Mobile Phone Recycling

    Recycling mobile phones is a great way to be kind to the environment and make money at the same time. Most people have spare phones lying around in cupboard drawers these phones could be put to good use in developing countries or the material reused.

  • gloriachan12

    If you want to know how I sell my phones, the money that comes from it can either be given directly to me or transferred to my account or it can also be given to a charity that I choose.

  • Brenda Thomas

    When I decided to sell my mobile phone, I searched for the right mobile recycling company because such companies have tie ups with charitable institutions that supplies these used and outdated phones to third world countries. It is always better to do lot of research before you actually plan to sell your mobile. 

  • Gk

    Can you tell me any company who accept phones from India for recycling >?

    • All companies like Nokia, Samsung

  • Gk

    Do they pay for any handset handed over to them or they only take Free of cost.

    Like in aboard there are companies who pay u spot cash for your old phone and then they refurbished or recycle depends on the condition of phone.

    i want to know the companies who generally take mobile for refurbished or recycle for some cash in back.

    companies means not mobile brands any third party companies.or websites who can take bulk 2nd hand mobile for cash back.

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