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As we all know that now a days phone and web conferencing have become major and most used business services each day, and that’s why number of business users have moved to free conferencing in order to save money, but often this is at the expense of professionalism and quality service. Powwownow is one of the best web conferencing service which provides free phone conferencing where you and your guests only pay the price of the call.

Powwownow has recently rolled-out their iPhone conference call application. The Powwownow iPhone app brings you free mobile conference calling at the touch of a button.  So you can easily Schedule conferences, set automatic call alerts plus store and manage your personal details so joining calls is only ever one touch away.

This is completely free to download and use, with no hidden charges or contracts, the only charge to the customer is the price of the phone call. Powwownow provides millions of powwownow conference call worldwide with no booking, no billing, no fuss.

You can easily set up new conference calls and invite participants from your saved contact lists with automatic email invitations. Powwownow is a useful service and the fact that they provide web conferencing features free of charge is very useful. So share Powwownow conference calls iPhone app with fellow conference callers too.


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