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Sometimes we need to move large files like movies, photos, music, some software’s and so on. There are number of file sharing applications on the web that make the process a breeze. Recently I came across such service named Gygan. Gygan is a the best windows app for sharing and sending large files quickly and users can upload & download any file size & type, as many files as you want, and get unlimited transfer speed.

Gygan is great for sharing large HD home videos and hi-res photos with your friends and family, or distributing software to your clients, partners, and customers. They guarantee that Gygan is faster than Torrents, P2P, IRC, or any other file sharing application. You can download files up to 100Mbit/s, FREE.

Features :

  • Free Uploading : Upload unlimited files, FREE. All accounts have unlimited uploading.
  • Free Downloading : 4GB of free downloading and a free refill every month, or upgrade to premium..
  • Download files for free with highest speed – free users get 4 GB of free downloading and a free refill of 1 GB every month.
  • Upload and download any file type (i.e. music, video, picture, documents).
  • Choose whether you want your files to be public or private.

This software is free up to 4GB of monthly downloads. Unlike some other file transfer sites, your file can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. If you use an upgraded direct file link, the file will always be available for instant downloading.You can also join there affiliate program to earn some money.


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