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Fleet management is the standard of procedure, with a goal to keep a company or agency’s multiple vehicles and their operators in top-running condition. One of the highest costs of doing business is labor, followed closely by mobile assets including cars, vans, trucks, even boats and airplanes.Fleet management also covers large, moveable equipment related to the operation of the organization.LandAirSea systems Inc., a Woodstock, Illinoishas based company has been providing effective, affordable GPS Tracking systems, devices and software since 1994.

Fleet management is about establishing the best possible level of control over an inconsistent environment, where factors such as weather, traffic, breakdown, customer demand and availability of manpower and equipment can change from day to day or hour to hour.


Role of GPS Tracking in Fleet Management :

GPS tracking is the preferred and most up-to-date method of fleet management. GPS tracking systems, which use U.S. Department of Defense satellites for location and navigation, are accurate and reliable and greatly reduce incidents of human error.By a mathematical formula called triangulation, the GPS tracking receiver will find its location, usually within a few feet of accuracy. Incremental position updates are made every few seconds or minutes.


In the fleet management, up to 500 vehicles can be viewed on a single map field. There are several map viewing choices. Special features of the program include geo-fencing, speeding alert and report templates.

So visit their site and have a look to their products. They really mean their company name, land+air+sea, GPS tracking everywhere.

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