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We often have several  WiFi networks saved on our computer and after a few months we do not remember the passwords for them since passwords are added only once or in the situation you forgot the password of your Wireless network. If this happened to you, then don’t worry, today I came across such a great tool which will help you to retrieve your saved passwords on your computer easily.


The program name is WirelessKeyView , which shows all wifi network passwords that we used in our computer, simply once you have connected to a network to be saved and the program will automatically show you passwords for wifi network.

How to use WirelessKeyView

You don’t need to install WirelessKeyView on your personal computer.  You just have to copy the executable file to any folder you like, and run it.

Once you run the program, the main window should displayed all WEP/WPA keys stored in your computer by Windows ‘Wireless Zero Configuration’ service. For WEP keys, the key is also displayed in Ascii form. Be aware that this utility can only reveal the network keys stored by Windows operating system. It cannot recover network keys stored by any other third-party software.


The program allows us to export passwords in files in format of text/html or xml , we will also be able to copy a password to paste it wherever we want. But, as always, we must be very careful to have this program on your computer, I recommend deleting it after use, since anyone using your computer and find the program will be able to see the passwords of your saved wifi networks.

WirelessKeyView program does not require to be installed, so you can have it in your  USB memory  for use when needed. It is  completely free to download.

Download WirelessKeyView


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