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Gtalk is one of the best chatting application ever made in the Internet History. I always love Google Talk for its simplicity. Nearly all my friends use Google Talk, and it always stays open in my systray. But one thing I don’t like about GTalk is that it doesn’t let me set my status message as idle.Because Google Talk is an extremely honest application and will show you “idle” only if you do not use the computer for at least 10 minutes.

Now imagine a scenario where you are logged into Google Talk but don’t want friends to know about your online status. gAlwaysIdle is the tool which will help you to set your status always idle on Gtalk.

Google Talk does not provide built-in functionality to allow you to control your idle status. There are times when you want to use messenger and be online, but without letting others know about this. Seems like impossible in Google talk, now made possible by gAlwaysIdle.

gAlwaysIdle is a freeware which enables you to set your status message as idle. Once you install the application, it adds some extra settings to the right-click menu of GTalk icon in systray. You can choose “”Normal Idle” or “Always Idle”.

  • Always Idle, ‘always idle’ lets you appear away even when you are logged in and doing some work like typing e-mails and sending instant messages etc.
  • Never Idle, ‘never idle’ lets you appear to be at your computer even when you’re far away.

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