How to Enable Pinch to Zoom Feature in Gmail Android App

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Few days ago, Google has unveiled Gmail 4.2 for Android. This new upgrade added some features to the app like drag your finger left or right to archive or delete a message, pinch to zoom in and display a message improved pictures as attachments.

And most attractive of the new features is, pinch-to-zoom which enables auto fit messages, depending on your device screen size. Before this upgrade, you have to keep scrolling left-to-right and top-to-bottom to read the entire message. But with this Pinch to Zoom Feature, you can simply pinch-to-zoom in like you do with a photo in the Gallery.

By default, this feature has been disabled in the Gmail 4.2 Android app. You will have to enable to from your Settings to get that feature.


How to Enable “Pinch to Zoom” in Gmail Android App

Follow these easy steps to enable pinch-to-zoom (auto-fit messages) feature in the Gmail app on your Android phone –

  • Open the Gmail app from Menu.
  • Go to Settings, from the bottom right button.
  • Then tap on “General settings”.
  • Check the option with “Auto-fit messages”.

That’s it, Now go back to the inbox and open any email with lots of images, you can see that all messages are now auto-fit.

I hope this tutorial is helpful, share your views with us via comments below.


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  • does gmail 4.2 will work on my samsung galaxy pocket android 2.3 .

    • No, you need android 4.0 and up OS for this version

  • Well it seems to me that I am getting to know these android apps. Thanks for the information 🙂

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