Using Technology in the Classroom: Online Learning Tools for Teachers in 2020

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Virtual learning is challenging for both teachers and students. You can have equitable access to all the learning tools in the world but without adequate training and preparation, it becomes difficult to make reasonable use of them.

Online Learning

In the era of technology, online learning tools play a tremendous role in classrooms and the overall process of learning.

Setting up a virtual learning environment for your students is quite challenging. You can either adapt to the existing curriculum or design a brand-new learning technology. However, adapting to the existing curriculum is a sane solution.

To help you along, in creating a virtual learning environment, we have grouped the right tools for teachers.


Thinglink enables teachers to create a productive learning environment for their students. It enables them to add or create interactive images, videos, music, sound and text to their lectures. The majority of students use social media. So, these interactive lessons are often shared on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Thinglink offers an opportunity for the teachers to create effective learning methodologies through compelling lesson contents. This learning methodology not only improves the ability to think critically but also awakens their curiosity to learn.


GoGuardian is an educational technology company that provides solutions for educators and school districts to help schools easily manage their devices, better understand their students, and keep them safer online.

GoGuardian Teacher offers a video conferencing platform to aid teachers in delivering instruction to their students as well as keeping their students on-task with their assignments and homework. Teachers can also know what is happening on their students’ devices by using automatic alerts and notifications. Teachers can also use the platform to protect them from severe things such as bullying and suicide attempts.

Some of those features within GoGuardian include screen sharing, lesson recording, lock screens, reporting, and multi-OS support among other things.


Edmodo is more like a social media platform. For instance, students can ask questions or talk to their teachers through comments. Simply put, it is a highly recommended educational application that connects students and teachers.

On Edmodo, teachers can upload lectures, provide content, educational material, and even track the progress of each student. Moreover, they can also form collaborative groups to promote interactive learning.

Edmodo has managed to create an effective learning environment for more than 34 million people. Teachers can teach and deliver lessons in their own, personalized ways.


Classdojo is an application that focuses on improving students’ behavior in an online classroom. Its founder has taken a different approach than other learning tools.

This ClassDojo online learning tool enables the teachers to give instant feedback and remarks to their students so that they can be more responsive to the online learning process.

The majority of teachers award their students by granting them points that add to their final result. Students receive real-life notifications based on their performance.

For instance, one can receive a message like, ‘Good job, peter, +5 for additional thesis research’.


Socrative is a unique online learning tool designed by engineers to introduce a new approach to learning.

Socrative allows teachers to create educational games and exercises which their students can easily solve using their smartphones or tablets.

Teachers then observe the game result and create personalized lessons and lectures based on the game result.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is by far, the most popular online learning tool among teachers and students, as well. It helps the teachers to stay organized and punctual. Moreover, it saves time and helps them to communicate with the whole class.

It has a friendly user-interface. Within seconds, you can create a classroom where you can distribute assignments, tests, and projects. Other than that, you can share your valuable feedback and monitor each student’s progress over time.

Final Verdict

To get the most out of an online learning environment, one must get familiar with popular online learning platforms. When it comes to saving time, staying organized, and creating an effective learning place for students, interaction on online learning tools is necessary as it improves the accessibility and responsiveness of students.

These technology tools can be incredibly useful in the classroom and can give teachers an opportunity to educate their students with confidence.


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