Chatbots For Digital Marketing: Why You Should Include Chatbot In Your Marketing

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Have you ever reached out to a brand on social media or on a website to know more about their business? If yes, then you must have gotten an instant reply as soon as you sent them a text. That’s the work of a Chatbot.


Chatbots are built for digital marketing. Chatbots are an AI-based computer program that replicates human conversations.

They are like a digital assistant; they answer calls, replies to texts, and understands human capabilities. Chatbots are mostly used on websites, social media platforms, and in other different software.

Why do you need to add Chatbot as your digital marketing tool?

You might think chatbots are only used for replying or starting a conversation, but NO, it’s more than that.

Chatbots have a significant impact on the whole business, especially in the digital marketing section. In digital marketing, chatbots are also used for customer service. If you use Chatbots on your social media platforms, it’ll help your customers by providing them information from time to time.

Chatbots help you to enhance the content marketing. As they get various information from the customers, chatbots personalize this information from every customer and hold on to them. This way, they also help you to get loyal customers.

According to Forbes, “80% of marketers plan to use chatbots one way or another by 2020”. Now, almost every marketer focuses mostly on their customers before taking any initiative. Chatbots can give replies to every customer’s query 24/7. You can activate your bots and go for a sound sleep cause your chatbots will be taking care of your business.

What can chatbots do for digital marketing?

Marketing’s primary purpose is to build a healthy relationship between the customer and the brand. Chatbots were designed keeping that in mind. Customers love to get instant replies from brands. It doesn’t matter if they get responses from a bot or a human, getting the information they need is all they care about.

So, now let’s talk about how chatbots may impact your digital marketing.

Improve service experience

Chatbots were made in a way so that they can respond to human conversations. From replying to messages now, chatbots are being more impactful in starting a conversation with customers.


From asking a customer what they need to answer all their questions, chatbots are programmed to take care of everything.

You’ll never see a customer waiting to receive a reply from a brand for a question he/she asked. Waiting is always annoying for everyone. So, they expect a quick response when they visit your business through websites or social media.

A customer has the right to expect quick responses and would want you to clear all of his/her confusion.

You might think this is hard for a human, but it’s not for a chatbot. Chatbots are made to deliver these services.

Chatbots have a lot of data in their database that helps them answer multiple customer questions at the same time without any program failure.

A chatbot reduces a customer’s waiting time and can provide service 24/7 without any human touch. It also reduces service reps needed by the customer.

This way, a customer gets satisfaction from your brand, and from a first-time visitor, they convert into a long-term customer.

Engage customer after the sales

Chatbots doesn’t only clear a customer’s confusion but also impacts in outbound marketing.

In case you don’t know, Outbound marketing is the process of starting a conversation with customers by sending them messages. In terms of chatbots, it works like sending out spam emails or random text on messenger apps.

Chatbots not only manages customer engagements but also sends them a follow-up text which works significantly in digital marketing. When a customer engages or purchases something from your business, it’s essential to send them a follow-up message. If you follow a routine to send them messages from time to time, it will help to get engagements.

If you’re confused about what type of texts to send them from time to time, well, it can be offered, an event, weekly sale, new product arrival, etc. anything.

This is how chatbots help you to retain your customers after-sales.

Powerfully express your brand.

Digital marketing has a powerful effect on creating and building up a brand’s value. But how do chatbots help to build up a brand’s value?

Chatbots can help a brand to distribute relevant contents from one platform to another. This helps a brand create connections with different customers, and they get connected with the brand over time.

As a chatbot connects and interacts with the customer, the Chatbot is highlighting the brand’s values, benefits, and the discounts and offers the brand has to offer.

You can even set short goals with chatbots and see how much customer engagement the chatbots are getting, how many times the chatbots are mentioning your brand name, how much of your leads are turning into customers, how much increase there is in the conversion rate, etc.

So, you can see that expressing your brand is now easier than ever.

Collect data and research

Most people think that chatbots are only used to interact with customers online, but no. The story is longer than you think.

You can customize the chatbots in your way and allow them to collect data from their customers, monitor them, and see how your customers behave, what they click on, and what their buying patterns are.

These data will be stored in the database so you can take the next initiative to bring new customers or turn leads into customers. Not just that, you can also get an idea of your customer’s mindset. You’ll know which products your customers view and value the most.

After you get this information, your next job would be to plan a marketing strategy.

Since the chatbots are collecting several data for you, you won’t need to hire additional employees or buy a new marketing tool to do that, which saves you some money.

Social media marketing

Highlighting your brand is essential and necessary, but Social media is undoubtedly the best platform for you to promote your brand.

When you open a restaurant’s page on Facebook, you’ll see that you already suggest some questions, and if you click them, they will automatically answer. That’s how chatbots work on social media.

Some social media platforms allow you to add chatbots as an extension to respond to standard and basic queries. You can choose any social media agencies to manage your chatbots on social media platforms when it comes to using chatbots on social media. They will take note of your goals and mission for using chatbots and carry on in fulfilling those goals.

Or, if you have any expert in your team, then you can do that yourself. It’d be better if you built an excellent team to perform these actions.

As we already know how chatbots work for digital marketing. It works the same for social media.

The chatbots will be available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about replying to your customers. It is quick and agile, so it saves time and decreases customer waiting time. Once they are correctly functioned, the chatbots will automatically gather data and analyze it for you, and it’s also cost-effective so that anyone can use it.

Can Handle Huge Inbox reply easily

Sometimes your business can get a lot of traffic on both websites and social media, and you’ll see many customers are buzzing the bell with different questions. But don’t worry.

Chatbots will have no problem in giving answers to multiple questions of multiple responses. It doesn’t matter how high the traffic is. More questions mean more replies, which lead to more engagements.

While replying, chatbots work like mini brand ambassadors. They will mention your brand in every situation they get and add value, which we talked about before.

One thing that I must say is that, if a customer sends multiple messages at the same time, the Chatbot won’t work correctly. By multiple questions I mean, asking questions back to back before the chatbot replies. Chatbots are made to reply to one message at a time, but in some cases, customers tend to send back to back messages, which confuses the chatbots on which question to reply.

Helps To create dripped chatbot Campaign

Dripped chatbot campaign is a marketing communication strategy that allows you to send your subscribed customers pre-made content over time.


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