Web Design Fundamentals that Every Web Designer Should Understand

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Understanding the fundamentals of web development and web design is extremely valuable for digital marketing, design, and social media. With online resources and web design becoming part of our lives, there has been an increase in the demand for web design skills by web development company and software development companies. There are various online courses and tools that can help in learning web design. However, a basic understanding of CSS, HTML, and design is important in order to do anything on the web.  

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To design a perfect website it is critical to understand web design fundamentals which include the complete process of the web page design from basic HTML to design a complete website. Along with the understanding of the principles of design, a web design agency should also be skilled in the typographic design principles and also know the challenges of web design.

Well designed websites are more credible and easy to use. Below are website design fundamentals that can help to keep the quality design of the website at the forefront. 


Before moving on to the web application, web development company should have clarity about the objective of the website is necessary. This step is important to fulfill the expectations of clients. Carefully tuned to the needs of the user along with a firm grasp of the purpose of the website and enhance the user experience. Type of content in each page and interaction of the page and how it relates to the rest of the website is an important part of the web design. 

Ranking the Elements 

The best way to determine the importance of the elements found on a specific page is to rank them. Rank can be determined on how closely aligned elements are to the main objective of the website. The first thing shown on the page is the promo for clearance of the items on the website. Moreover, using bright colors to capture attention can work wonders. Using the logo on the site, showing gift cards and discounts on the site, and using web fonts that are easy to read is necessary to enable the reader to find information easily and quickly. 


Whitespace, simplicity, and clarity are related to one another. User Interface (UI) should be simple in order to achieve clarity. Today, many architectures, fashion, and other high-end websites use whitespace to provide a touch of luxury and elegance. Simplicity is another important element to the website design as the simple design leads to better understanding and enhances the user experience. 


A web designer or web development company should provide clear, simple, and easy-to-use navigation. Adding unnecessary bells, icons, buttons, to the website can make it complex and make the navigation difficult. The web designer should always focus on the main purpose of the website and then provide a navigation option. For instance, Google unlike other search engines like Yahoo and Bing do not have any extra buttons, icons, bells.

The main purpose of Google is to search for information and to do this it provides a search button, search field, and a logo for self-promotion purposes. 

Responsive Web Design 

The responsive web design offers the best viewing experience to the site viewers across devices. In order to build a responsive website, flexible sized images, promotion-based grid, and media queries are being used. Building the responsive website has become important with an increasing number of mobile users opening and viewing websites on their devices.

Ensuring the website running smoothly on any device with any screen size is necessary to provide a better user experience. Visitors struggling to view the content on the phone or any other devices can create a wrong impression and the user may never return. 


Looking out of usability issues is important for a web development company and web developer to ensure that the website is functioning well. The web developer needs to look for various usability issues such as launching a website without any form of user testing and unexpected or wrong placement of very obvious things, for instance, a search bar is usually somewhere at the top of the page, if this search bar is placed somewhere at the bottom it will take time for users to find it. The most effective and best way to test the usability issue is to test with an interactive prototype. 

The websites that are not designed properly are likely to perform poorly. Layouts, colors, images, graphics, videos also play an important role in enhancing the user experience. Web developers, as well as a web development company, need to focus on the purpose and objective of the website and its users, this helps in designing the web page effectively and enhance the user experience.

Functional and clean layouts are important to make the website easy to load, easy to open and use on different devices and navigate. Following the web design fundamentals can help the designer make the website more user-friendly and engaging. 


Ritesh Patil

Article by Ritesh

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech, leading healthcare mobile app development in India, USA. He’s an avid blogger, loves innovation, and writes on diverse healthcare application areas. He works with skilled digital health app developers that has delivered innovative mobile applications. He believes in sharing knowledge and has leaned concentration on startups.

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