Why You Should Choose a Reliable Hosting Plan for your Website?

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These days, it’s so important for a business to have a good website. Technology has come so far, and it is clear that once any services or products are needed most people tend to browse the internet. Many companies face trouble in keeping their business alive because they can’t establish a proper internet presence. 

Web Hosting

There are so many mistakes that companies make when they create their internet strategy, but choosing the wrong hosting is the most common. In this article, we will go through why the proper web hosting is so crucial for your business.

Less downtime

One of the most known issues that go along with poor web hosting is downtime. Downtime is when your website is not opening due to poor server connection. When investing in hosting people take shortcuts and this often means that their website is more prone to issues staying online. This can seriously hurt your business image, and customers will start to think that your company is not serious.

Faster loading time

Downtime is pretty bad when it happens, but another thing that is a customer turn-off? Slow website. This cannot happen, since a slow website gives your visitors the image that your firm is slow, not serious, and not that professional. 53% of mobile users abandon sites if they open slower than 3 seconds. 

Furthermore, if your site is faster, the visitors will be impressed by how responsive the site is and they are more likely to turn into customers. The experience you give to the visitor with a faster loading time is crucial. The website speed relies on choosing a reliable and fast hosting plan but, poorly built website with a lot of content can also affect website speed.

Search Engine Rankings and SEO

How search engines work to rank your site is by going to your site and analyzing it. However, if your site has frequent times when it is down than the results will be badly affected. Like the downtime, the website speed is pretty important. 

Faster load times mean good rankings, however slower load times mean you are ranked in the second 10 million search engine ranking.

Improved security

Choosing a well-known hosting company can offer a lot of security measures in order to keep your website safe. With malicious attack blocking, hacker protection, virus protection, HTTPS and much more. What does this mean? Basically, when you have HTTPS sensitive information is protected. Every bit of information that is processed through your website gets automatically encrypted. Information that anyone types through your website, is securely protected and hackers cannot acquire any of the data that is sensitive, personal or private.

Host backups for your website

A professional good web hosting company will frequently make backups of your website and secure it. If for some reason you need to restore some data that has been lost, due to an attack, issue, or something else you can easily do that.

Better support

The main problem with getting a not so good web host is that you don’t have any support if you were to have an issue. Often times issues, attacks, or something else arise and when you turn to your host, they don’t have the proper tools to deal with this kind of stuff. So investing in a proper host means that you will be getting better support (oftentimes 24/7), and a proper team of professionals at your disposal.

How much will it cost to get proper web hosting?

There are so many hosting packages out there, so it’s very easy to get confused. There are cheap ones, some good, some bad, and then there are expensive ones which many of them are not so good.  In order to find the proper web host, one has to search for it and has to have in mind what sort of things his/her website has to have. 

You have to know how much traffic will your site generate, how big is your database, and many other smaller details. Sometimes, even the cheaper packages are better, so its best if you talk to some of the professionals at the hosting company to pinpoint exactly what your needs are.

Many world-renowned organizations and companies use hosting from the top hosting companies in the world. If you are into NFL wagering, you might be interested to know that the American Football league recently announced that they partnered with the premium version of WordPress hosting to ensure the speed of their blogs.

Finally, it is safe to say that maybe a not so good web host can get the job done. However, the problem is that with bad hosting you are denying the potential growth of the company. Problems arise long term since with a bad hosting you paint a very grim picture to your customers and a very unprofessional one. 

The above mentioned are just the majority of the issues that come with having a bad web hosting. There are so many more that we haven’t talked about, so make sure to get the best web hosting that works for you.


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