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You’ve probably visited YouTube to watch music videos, watch films, check reviews of certain products, or learn DIY tutorials. And oh, don’t forget to add those fun vlogs of your favorite bloggers, too. These days, it’s that easy to have access to useful videos. You’ll find random videos tackling whatever subject that might interest you.

Buy YouTube views

From teaching you how to revamp a space to giving you ideas on deep cleaning that includes every nook and cranny of your home, to giving you tips on how you can meal prep for a week and resolve that excess weight issue once and for all—you’ll find content on almost every topic you can think of!

For viewers, that’s an awesome situation. However, if you think about starting your own YouTube channel to share some content you think would be useful to your target audience, this can be quite challenging because of the abundance of content being uploaded on YouTube every day.

This is not a surprise then if your videos are easily masked by many other videos from other popular channels that have already gained a solid number of subscribers. Wondering how you can choose a vlog niche? Read this article.

Why Channels Might Think of Buying YouTube Views

Of course, YouTube would rank videos according to their number of views. Those videos with the highest number of views get ranked first, while those with fewer views are less prioritized. That’s indeed tough if you want to build your brand or increase brand awareness. For newbies, the challenge is to build a solid fanbase of your channel and encourage more people to view your content.

Yet, how is that possible if we tend to click on what comes first on our feed? Because come on, you surely think that those with the higher number of views are more valuable than those that have few. Yes, folks, when we talk about YouTube, we judge content based on how many views it gets. So, no matter how much effort you spent making quality content for your channel if you have few views most of the time, still, there would be fewer people watching your videos no matter how valuable they are. With few views, your channel won’t thrive.

That’s exactly the reason why many YouTubers would think about buying views for their content because that’s the first step they can do to get noticed in a video-sharing community that’s already oversaturated with tons of videos of all sorts. But, is it really okay to buy YouTube views? Won’t you get any bad consequences when you do it?

Meanwhile, check this article that discusses 50 ways on how to grow your YouTube channel subscribers and views:

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Is Paying for YouTube Views Really Worth it?

First of all, the answer to this question and to the questions mentioned in the previous paragraph would depend upon the type of views you’re going to buy. There are actually only two general types of bought views: the bad ones and the real ones. Bad views are those generated through bots while legitimate views are those that come from real people.

While bot views are relatively cheaper than legit views from real people, it’s still a bad option. Using bots to increase your videos’ views is against YouTube’s terms of service (TOS). Thus, when you opt for this option, you’re doing this at your own risk.

You can’t be using bots to increase your views without facing the sanctions that would probably come with it. For example, your content might be taken down by YouTube because basically, you’ve violated something from their TOS. Of course, that’s something you’ll want to avoid as much as possible.

Therefore, rather than settling on cheaper view options, buy YouTube views that are legit—those generated by real humans. And yes, friends, it’s alright to buy views as long as you’re sure that they are obtained from real people. This way, you can increase brand awareness, make your content more targeted to your ideal audience, and be on top of the feed.

Going back to the question, should you think about buying YouTube views? The answer is yes if you’re struggling to get your content noticed by your target audience. But be sure to do it the right way—buy quality views, those that come from real people, not bots.


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