Why is Video Marketing the Future of Content Marketing

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The world of content has changed a lot. It started with print, moved to radio to TV to the internet. And all these happened in just a few decades. If at the beginning of content media creation marketers were the ones establishing the terms of content production, in today’s fast-paced world that became the audience’s job.


The internet has made it not only possible but also easy to realize. Quality content is what everybody is looking for on the web and people have grown to be picky about which piece they choose as a source of information they need. It should be delivered at the right time, the right place and the right form to be able to capture someone’s attention.

The development of content delivery has undergone some major changes over decades and similarly, content delivery on the web has also gone through some developmental stages which occurred just in a few years. And today video content is the most popular type of content.

Is video marketing the future of content marketing? I’d say it’s not the future but the present of it. Let’s start from the most technical part. The average adult reads 300 words per minute and a 1,5-2 minute video can communicate 400-500 words. It seems like it is less then a person can read in 2 minutes.

So why do people choose to watch videos after all? Because 300 words of text are just 300 words of text, while a video containing the same amount of words can communicate more ideas as there are also visuals which speed up the process of communication giving the marketers to present more ideas in less time.

Besides communication videos also have other benefits. Let’s quickly go through those.

It is easy to recall

The purpose of any piece content produced by any marketer is to draw the attention of the audience. It turns out that it is easier for people to remember and recall what they saw than what they have read or listened to. Yes, videos are highly visual and they leave their imprint on a person’s mind.

Knowing all this, marketers believe that video is a very good tool to make people remember about their brands. Besides being highly visual there is another reason why videos are easy to recall. As you might already know, triggering human emotion is the best way to make a person remember something. And, it is twice as easy to tap into the audience’s emotions while using videos than it is while using text.

Videos improve your SEO

Google loves videos. And, it is not irrational for it to love those. Google mostly loves what people love. So, if the piece of content you produce is simply appealing to the majority of people, Google will consider it to be a good piece of content and will rank higher. This is of course a very rough description of how SEO works but overall the most important thing is to make your content as humane, as appealing and as engaging as possible.

Videos also increase the time spent on the web page, because those keep people around long enough to present the major activities of the business and when people stick around to see the whole video many of them get interested in the website itself and they start exploring by themselves. Interestingly enough videos tend to do and be all of the latter, thus affecting the SEO positively.

It helps to bring in more traffic

Can you believe that videos attract traffic just by being themselves? People watch those with pleasure, share with friends and talk about it. Let’s say if content marketing is the ultimate word of mouth, video marketing is what makes it happen in most cases.

When I say video marketing it doesn’t necessarily mean that a whole team is working on creating a video. Nowadays, our devices give all of us the opportunity to create and publish video content. Besides having video content created by the business itself, employees and happy customers as well can create and share video content very easily. And, by default, videos are more attractive to the human mind than any other kind of content, so it will drive more traffic.

The best form of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of content marketing. This allows marketers to have an individualized approach to every customer. Surprisingly enough, email marketing is still used by marketers and when done correctly it can be super effective. When thinking of email marketing the first thing that comes to mind is text and sometimes also images. But, what if the email marketing was mainly based on videos? I’ll tell you what.

Your emails would not only become engaging and fun but also you would end up having 200-300% more clicks than if you were using simple text, images, and links.

Videos go viral easily

I have already mentioned that videos are the most effective content type in marketing, and I will not get tired of repeating it because that is the truth. If you are not sure if it is easier for videos go viral, then let’s get familiar with some facts.

There is a study showing that videos are being shared 1200% more than both links and text together and which is even more exciting 92% of people share the videos they have watched. Can you imagine that? That’s like crazy. But, I mean, a good kind of crazy.  As a marketer, after having these statistics it was more than 100% clear is highly efficient and that it should be used as much as possible.

At last, most people adore movies. I love those because movies take me to an ultimate reality. A movie makes me more focused and totally merges my emotions with those of the movie characters. And, that is exactly why I remember all the plots and details of each movie I have ever watched. If your videos for your content marketing will be able to do the same for your audience they won’t be able to forget your brand for a very long time.

Now, let’s get back to the original question. Is video marketing the future of content marketing? No, it is not just the future. It is the present and will continue to be it for a long time. Maintain high quality, make as many videos as you can and you will be good to go.


Roman Daneghyan

Article by Roman

I am Roman Daneghyan, Chief marketing officer of Renderforest, an online video production platform for creating professional broadcast quality videos. As a content marketing specialist and an expert in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Link Building, I enjoy very much sharing the experiences I gained along working as a marketer and helping other entrepreneurs succeed. My works have been published in different blogs and mediums like Crazy Egg, Forbes, Upwork, ShareThis, etc.

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