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A website or blog that ranks high is the dream of every online business owner. And usually, everything boils down to SEO strategies you employ. Backlinking happens to be one of the most powerful approaches lately.


The question however is; what does it involve? Well, also known as inbound or incoming links, getting to know the source of your links is an instrumental way of conducting a SEO audit for your website. Your Google webmaster account provides handy tools for doing this or alternatively; you can use tools on the web made available by third party vendors.

Google and backlinks Guidelines

B ad or unethical SEO strategies will get your website on Google Penguin radar and when that happens, a clampdown, which may include an even worse penalty like it being shut down, is always eminent. You wouldn’t want to imagine starting from scratch all over again building a reputed website after such an awful experience.

Courtesy: Chart by Wikipedia Commons on backlink and competitor analysis

It is therefore important to focus on building your website using top-quality content even if it means outsourcing your writing tasks to a law essay writing service if that is your niche while also steering clear of unethical backlinking practises that violate Google’s terms.

Quality Inbound links and how they work

For every search query, the main goal of search engines like Google is to look for the best possible content to display on SEARPs. Websites that bear semblance in terms of content niche, and are also connect by a network of incoming links are most of the times indexed together.

But this doesn’t mean you should go out there and link your content to lots of websites in the hope they will donate links. On the contrary, it is better to have fewer links like ten of them than hundreds of useless ones.

Tips for choosing valuable backlink donor

Today, one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting a website ranked high is through backlink donation. For a website that has just been launched, you may want to contribute some money towards a charitable cause in the hope that the receiving organization will link any of its web pages or contents to your website.

According to MOZ, a leading software and SEO consulting company on the web, the chance of this happening is always very high. Ostensibly, websites owned non-profit organizations are usually ranked higher and better on the web. It is for this reason that most people use them as shortcuts to online fame or good business, but here the catch; should you go about seeking inbound links from just any donor? Below are tips on how to choose valuable donor for incoming links.

Website Domain Rating

First and foremost, domain rating of a website is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a link donor.  This is usually measured on a scale of 1-100, whereby the latter number is the highest DR.  There is a direct correlation between Domain rating and Website rankings on Google.

Those that are highly placed carry more weight based on the scale. If you can get links inbound from such, your site’s content gets better indexing and is favoured by search bots.

Backlink indexing tools

Tools such as Ahrefs are very useful when it comes to reviewing and analyzing trends in website rankings. It helps analyze factors that contribute to SEO such as keywords and backlinks. It thus makes it easier to choose the best websites to consider for backlink donation.  Here are more details on Ahrefs works.

Clean websites link better

This is a case of choosing backlink donors from websites that will not turn off readers or page visitors due to such things as annoying pop-ups, difficult page navigation and poorly designed websites. Most of the times, such things, according to Yoast, tend to lower rating inbound links especially when no one is visiting the sites anymore.

Links from relevant content is ingenious

If your website is dedicated merchandize such as iPhone and accessories, it is recommended that you request links from websites in the same niche.  There is no value in choosing link donors whose websites are based on something that is miles apart from yours.

In conclusion, to achieve you SEO results with backlink donors, there is need for patience and hard work. It is also important to explore dynamic strategies when it comes to choosing valuable links and lastly, toe Google’s Policy lines.


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