The Best, Affordable Bluetooth Speakers for Your Musical Delight

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Bluetooth speakers are a great invention that allows the user to enjoy their favorite music wherever they are.  Being wireless is a big part of why it’s so great, but it’s also a technology that might make the price go up a bit. As a result, there’s a pretty large discrepancy on the market between expensive speakers and affordable speakers, but the price is not always reflective of the quality. You can get high quality music easily, whether you download an album from iTunes or use a converter to change a video from youtube to mp3 format.

For instance, is such a service that lets you get quick access to your favorite songs on YouTube, for free.  You just copy over the video link and download the converted version two seconds later. This calls for some high quality speakers that can hold up their end of the deal, and provide the listener with an overall high quality experience. Here are a couple of your best bets for a fair price.

Anker SoundCore 2

If you owned or used the original SoundCore, you’re going to love this one because it’s pretty much an upgraded version of everything good that one had to offer. It features a lengthy battery that can last up to 24 hours and a powerful wireless speaker that measures 6.5×2.1×1.77 inches.


It is also water resistant which means that you can safely take it to the gym or to the beach, and it has a really nice balance between highs and lows.  All this comes in a pretty package for no more than $46 on Amazon.

Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3

The name is quite challenging to get right, but the price is fair and the device itself is of a really high quality. For its money, it’s hard to find something more appealing than the Oontz Angle 3. It features really nice and clear vocal lines but also a nice balance between bass and treble, with each individually tailored for greatness.


It features a speaker that measures 5.25×2.6×2.8 inches, and one of its biggest advantages is packing a loud punch from such a small box. It also has the IPX5 weather resistance mark, so it’s usable outdoors. Its price is more than pleasing, being available for about $28 on Amazon.

Doss SoundBox

This unit is great for desk work and it’s what you might call the perfect home speaker. When you think about a wireless speaker, most might envision a day out, but the Doss SoundBox almost begs you to stay inside. The speaker measures 6.6×2.9×2.7 and it can provide 12 hours of usage before the battery needs recharging.

It features a touch dial which makes it fancier than the other speakers in this list, but it’s also a lot more fragile for outside usage.  While the sound quality isn’t bad at all, it does fairly poorly where there’s a lot of background noise, further bolstering the idea that’s best used at home, on your desk or nightstand. With that in mind, we go a bit higher up in price this time, with a $33 tag on Amazon.


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